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Visiting Japan (Part Three)
Monday, 22 August 2016, 8:55 pm

Day Four
Our first destination was the Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street! The place was super crowded with both locals and tourists! I really wish I had taken photos of the stores so you could see what they were selling and how nicely they had arranged their things but I guess my tourist spirit is not strong enough to do that in such a jam packed area lol. They mostly sold touristy souvenirs like keychains, keychains, postcards, handkerchiefs, and keychains! I think here was the most touristy area that we had visited throughout our trip (even more than Disneyland!).

We had soft serve ice cream there! Look at all the cute flavours on display at the back. One notable thing about Japan is that it's not common for people to walk and eat at the same time. We had to finish the ice cream in the store itself.

Right at the end of the shopping street is the Sensoji Temple. The place is really huge and you can actually take a rickshaw tour (we didnt).

More sakura buds about to bloom for spring!!

There were A LOT of locals who came to visit in their Yukatas!! One thing I absolutely adore about the Japanese is how much effort they put, not only in their clothes, but in their hair and makeup as well!! Everyone everywhere looks great!!
I think Yukatas are absolutely stunning! Was thinking of buying one myself too but it would just be left at the back of my wardrobe forever. :(

Artwork on the shutters of a shop!

One of my favorite things about Japan is their plastic food displays!! Most Japanese restaurants have them and they always look super real and are really interesting just to look at! We had lunch at this very homey family run restaurant. Had cold udon!

After that we walked to Tokyo Skytree! It was quite a long, long walk but worth it because we got to enjoy the scenery and look at Tokyo Skytree from afar!
At the base of Tokyo Skytree is Tokyo Solamachi, which is a shopping complex! There wasnt much shopping to do but there are a shit ton of confectionery shops there (like Tokyo Banana to name one)! (Gonna post up what we bought in my Japan haul!!)
The highlight for me is that there was a Disney Store in Tokyo Solamachi!!!! The Disney Store is like a mini Disneyland, they even play the same background music in the Disney Store as the music they play in Disneyland lol. Contrary to what I had thought, the Disney Store actually sells different merchandise than the ones sold in Disneyland! The Disney Store sells limited edition merchandise so be sure to check them out too if you're an avid Disney fan like me! We spent a super long time in the Disney Store lol.

pictures above one of the most memorable things that we bought from Japan!! They are basically marshmallow covered with gummy! Not only are they super cute but they are yummy as well!

Fail photo of the Tokyo Skytree at night cos I was standing right at the bottom lol.


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