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Visiting Japan (Part Four)
Friday, 26 August 2016, 6:27 pm

Day Five
We spent our last full day in Tokyo in Ueno Park! Ueno Park is basically a really huge public park and consists of the Ueno Zoo and a bunch of museums. The park is also known for cherry blossom sightings! The cherry blossom trees were barely starting to bloom when we were there and we saw a news anchor reporting the blooming lol!
I didnt think I could deal with being outdoors for a whole day (like back home cos it's too friggin hot and sunny) but the weather in Tokyo is always just too perfect! The skies were always blue (for realz like you can see in my photos) and it's always so sunny even though it was during winter!
We visited the Tokyo National Museum (picture above)! The museum is really huge and I actually got separated from my fam bam and got lost LOL.

My moonlight & nori soba lunch ft cute mini lemon fanta! My fifth day in Japan was a good day for food photos cos they were all in focus (unlike my previous ones) lol. I dont like eating soba back home but soba in Japan really is x1000 better!!

After lunch we visited the Ueno Zoo!! It was a little late and the zoo closes pretty early so we had to rush quite a bit to be able to see all the animals!

My ultimate goal was that I HAD to see the giant pandas!! I think they are the main attraction of the zoo too cos the pandas' enclosures were right in front of the main entrance. They are not as big and fat as I had expected lol but still very cute! There are two pandas but they were both in different enclosures.

I think this is prairie dog but I'm not too sure. It's like a giant, fat hamster; so cute it's unreal!
The zoo is pretty big and there are too many photos so I think I'll shortlist the photos to the ones I think would be more interesting to look at lol.

Japanese Macaques (snow monkeys) and a monkey that just looks like an old man it was so creepy I was kinda taken aback when I first saw it lol.

Was really looking forward to see the penguins too!! There were a ton of them but they were much smaller than what I had anticipated. Actually they look little different from a regular bird...

Lemurs! They were not in an enclosure but were on a separate "island" on their own so I had to zoom in a lot with my camera for this shot (hence the quality). Look at how they snuggle together into a giant furball!

I was also very taken aback when I saw the flamingos because of how saturated the color of their feathers are!! They really are the bright neon orange/pink that you see in the photos and I didnt alter their colors at all.

Most of the mammals were brought back indoors (because it was getting too cold I presume) but we could still go inside to see them! Got to see one of the zookeepers ~communicating~ with one of the animals so it was heartwarming to see that the animals are being taken good care of.

Another soft serve we had! Something about Japan that they always have that ice cream lamp at every ice cream stall...

We spent the rest of the evening around Ueno. Dinner consisted of: sukiyaki, sashimi, yakitori and random hot plate of seafood (I tried but really dunno what it is called). This restaurant was the first that we went where they charged kinda like an "entrance fee" (I forgot what they called it exactly). They charge a fix amount per head in your bill, regardless whether or not you ordered something for yourself. Maybe it's like a service charge but it was quite a big amount since it was charged per head and was a fixed amount (as opposed to a percentage of your total bill). So be careful when entering random restaurants!
The area was kinda like another shopping street! They sold all kinds of things from seafood to shoes. I saw that they sold limited editions of trainers (like Nike, Adidas, Puma..) which came in traditional Japanese prints! All very very beautiful and not expensive but I didnt get any cos too many nice ones, impossible to choose. They even had Dr Martens in baby pink and sky blue! Plus, Japanese fashion is really no joke. On the streets, they were already selling those bomber jackets with embroidery of Japanese symbols at the back (like the current trend now) and they were all so well-made and even better than any of those that I've seen in mainstream stores like Zara, Topshop. Truly regret not getting one cos I didnt know for sure that I was going to UK at that time so thought it would just be a waste of space in my wardrobe. :(

Took this when mom and sis were buying Harajuku crepes! More plastic food displays... Too cute.

One of the best things that I had throughout my trip was this takoyaki from a place called Gindaco! For those of you who didnt know, inside the takoyaki is octopus! I've tried plenty of takoyaki back home but most of them are very fail. This takoyaki is on a completely different level! When I went to google to name of this restaurant, I found out that they had an outlet here too so I wonder if it's comparable to the original.
After all the food, we did some shopping which you will see in my haul coming up next!

Day Six
Our flight was at night but we decided to go to the airport early so we had time to do some duty-free shopping! Before that, we went to the shopping malls that were around Tokyo Station!
One of the malls nearby Tokyo Station is called First Avenue, where there is a "Tokyo Character Street" that has all kinds of themed-stores! There was a Tamagochi, Snoopy, Pokemon, and even a mini Disney Store!

The curse of out of focus food photos returns.. We had tempura for the first time on our last day and this was also one of the best things I had throughout our trip! Not heaty/greasy at all like the ones we have back home!

Last photo taken before we got on the hotel bus to the airport! We were waiting next to a park and a primary school so there were plenty of kids playing~

Photos taken from the observation deck at Haneda airport! It was a beautiful sight but I only went out for a little while cos it was freezing and I didnt have a coat (cos I packed it into my suitcase lol).
I was really, really sad when we were leaving Japan cos the whole trip was absolutely like a dream for me! In retrospect, especially as I'm putting together my Tokyo posts, we were there for almost a full week lol and I would like to thank the leap year for giving me one extra day in such a beautiful country!
I'm really relieved now that I'm finally done with my Tokyo posts lol because it seemed like it was never ending! I will be putting up my Tokyo haul next so stay tuned!


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