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Korea Haul
Monday, 21 December 2015, 8:15 pm

 Hi guys! I'm rewriting this post again because I never got to finishing it before my second semester begun, and now my semester has ended. I have a lot in line for this space that you guys will get to see very very soon so we shall jump right into my Korea haul!

One of my fav things I got from Korea are my hair bows! I got one of them from Ewha and the rest are from Dongdaemun. I cant remember how much exactly but I think I paid an average of 7k won per bow, which is pretty reasonable because they are all of such great quality! We also got a further discount cos we bought a lot and my mom is pro at bargaining LOL.
We also got a really cute mirror as a souvenir for my sis. The back of the mirror is a kawaii lady in Korean traditional wear~

During our trip, my mom and I bought a total of 10 BB cushions!
The first one we bought is from Innisfree. We both got the Summer Cushion Kit which consists of the Longwear Cushion + the cushion primer! The Cauliflower Mushroom Vital Dual Kit I received as a sample when I bought my set.
Espoir was having a buy 2 free 2 (or buy 1 free 1, I cant remember) for their cushions so my mom and I both got a pair each. Only when we went back to the hotel I realized that every box comes with a refill so we are rich in BB cushions haha! Sadly, I feel like I may have gotten a shade lighter than my actual skin tone, but it's alright cos it's still doable.
I havent tried my Innisfree one yet as I started using my Espoir one first. My mom says she likes the Espoir one better though. Because the weather here is so humid, I didnt think I would like the dewy finish of the BB cushions as it may look like I have oily skin. However, I have grown to love the finish of the Espoir BB cushion and I dont know if I can ever go back to normal foundations LOL! Plus, I have gotten plenty of compliments whenever I wore it out! Definitely recommend anyone who's visiting Korea to get the Espoir BB cushion!

We also got plenty of kawaii socks! Most of them I bought as souvenirs for friends. These socks are literally everywhere and the prices really vary quite a lot depending on where you go. The cheapest I've seen are 1k won but I bought most of them for 1.5k won. Bought the Frozen sisters for my sis and I!

1st picture above we bought a whole set of Berrisom's My Lip Tint Pack. Basically, you apply it on your lips just like any other lip gloss and leave it to dry for about 10-15minutes. You peel the film off after it has dried and it leaves a really long lasting stain on your lips. I've watched plenty of videos about it on Youtube and read nothing but good reviews about this product. I haven't used it much yet though because I dont have time in the morning before school to apply it + wait for it to dry. The application does require some skillz.
2nd picture above stuff I bought from Tony Moly! There's a Tony Moly outlet back home as well but I dont know why no one really goes there. I got a pack of 10 Red Cheeks Girl's Patch. It's kind of like a jelly-like mask that you put on your cheeks for 10-15minutes. I tried it in Korea as well and it really did make my skin look a lot healthier! One issue I have with it though is that it slips off very easily.
I also got a Petite Bunny Gloss Bar, which is a tinted lip balm. I got the shade 05 Juicy Peach. I find that the lip balm does not glide on very smoothly and the color is really sheer. Nonetheless, the color is really nice and I still reach out for it when I wanna go for something quick and easy~
The Goat's Milk sheet mask I received as a sample!
3rd picture above shoes I got from Red Eye for 9k won! Red Eye is pretty much like the Lovisa of Korea, they sell accessories and they're everywhere! They opened in Sunway Pyramid after I came back and are selling my shoes for RM79.

Here is Yungo Hair Cleansing Treatment which my cousin recommended us to try so we bought one and used it in the hotel. Basically it's a shampoo and hair treatment in one. This stuff is the best seller almost everywhere we go! It really gave my mom's hair a lot of volume and she really likes it so we bought like 4-5 more bottles. For me, it does make my hair feel a lot more manageable after using it.

We bought a lot of snacks over there and I'm gonna show you my favorites!
picture above There is a whole line of honey butter snacks in Korea! I tried the honey butter coated almonds and also the honey butter flavored sticks (which are like Pocky or Pepero) and both are amazing! My friend tried their chips and she said they were amazing as well!
picture below Cookies and cream chocolate cubes! They're similar to the Hershey's cookies and cream but a lot less sweet. They disappeared really quickly when I brought them to school. My friend J loved them so much that she actually bought them for me lol!

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