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What I Got for Christmas 2015
Monday, 28 December 2015, 8:58 pm

Merry Christmas everyone! My exams ended on the 18th and I am now done with my first year of law school. I'm back with a new layout for my blog (thus why I took a while before I could post) and I removed a lot of things (eg the tagboard) so hopefully it's a lot less a clutter now. My layout is currently the simplest it has ever been, I tried to make it really minimalist so that it would be easy on the eyes. I do miss all the kawaii of the previous layout so I might tweak it and add more stuff over time so please bear with me hehe.
Today I'll be doing my annual Christmas post! Didnt really do much for Christmas this year because I was still having withdrawals (lol) from unilyfe so I was too tired for anything big. Spent the whole day with my fam bam at Pavilion buying winter clothing for our Japan trip next year!
I'm still learning to get used to the screen of my new laptop which has a slight blue tint compared to my old desktop, thus photo quality might fall behind a little cos I'm really not used to editing on here.
I really wish that I could share with you guys what I gifted to other people as well but I didnt make it in time to take photos before I gave them away. /sobs.

Sometime in November I got myself Tarte's Stroke of Midnight Brush Set as a reward to myself after handing in our last assignment. It was one of the limited edition sets Tarte released for Christmas. The set comes with a very kawaii sequin bag and 5 brushes: (from left)
  • Buffer airbrush finish foundation brush
  • Stippling foundation brush
  • Blush brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
There is a pretty big hype about the airbrush finish foundation brush but I didnt really think much of it because I thought that the quality of your foundation is the determining factor rather than the quality of your brush. But I changed my mind after trying it with my Make Up Forever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation. There really is a significant difference. The Makeup Forever Pro Finish Foundation is already really good on its own but the foundation brush blends it so well it looks like you're not wearing any foundation at all.
A lot of reviews also claim that the quality of the airbrush finish foundation brush that comes with this set falls way below that of the original Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush. They pretty much look the same, except the original one has a bamboo handle. I do not own the ori one so I cant compare them but to me, the one from the set works really great.
I havent gotten the chance to use the other brushes in the set yet so cant review them~

My mom got me the Real Techniques Blush Brush a while back. The tip of the brush looks slightly pink in the photo because I've already used it. This is by far the best makeup brush I've used. It blends amazingly so it's perfect for people like me who fail at putting on makeup LOL. It really is fool-proof. The only downside is that the black part of the handle gets damaged so easily that I scratched mine less than an hour after getting it, before I even got the chance to use it. T.T
Next, I got for both myself and my dear friend, MJ a mini Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced. I've tried it a lot of times in Sephora and knew that it was a really good mascara but never got to getting it cos I know that I could never finish using mascaras. Decided to get it during the holidays since they released a mini one for Christmas, and I even persuaded my friend S to get one for herself too lol! Wore it almost everyday to uni for about 2 weeks. It really does make your eyelashes look amazing but it smudges like h3llz. Every time I wear it I always come home with (literally) panda eyes, even on the days where I was only in uni for a few hours.
Lastly, I received a free mini Tarte Energy Cheek Stain from Sephora for buying the Stroke of Midnight brush set.

Gifts that I received from MJ during our date to the Hello Kitty cafe last Wednesday! I received a leopard pouch (because everyone knows me for my leopard backpack + leopard Vans lol!), two nail polishes from Topshop, and a grass-growing kit with a kawaii cat pot! Sah cute.

pictures above is a Color Around the World set from Sephora. Basically, it is a set of four palettes consisting of four eye shadows, and one more blush or bronzer.
picture below is the Alice and Olivia set from Nails Inc, which consists of four nail polishes.
Both of these sets I received from my couz. :D

I got my dear friend R a Too Faced Melted lipstick in the shade "Velvet". Decided to buy this for R because my friend S bought this for herself when I was with her, and it looks good with her skin tone. R has a similar skin tone as S so I thought R might like this too. The reason why this is the only gift that I bought for someone else is featured in this post is because R is only returning from Aussie next February so I'll keep this safe until she returns hahah.
So this concludes my Christmas post! Maybe I'll put up my Hello Kitty cafe post next so stay tuned!
I'm currently on my break now, but I still have tons of stuff to do like working on my Lexicon article (I'm writing for my school's magazine) and other uni-related stuff. Hopefully all will go well.
Happy holidays!

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