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Visiting Korea!
Monday, 3 August 2015, 7:40 pm

Hello! Sem break just started about two weeks ago for me. To sum up my first semester in law school: met some really cool people in my school, visited the orphanage, BBQed with the volunteers, visited Parliament and got sucked into a hole of assignments for 2 months LOL. Sometime in the middle of all that drama I had the great opportunity to visit Korea with my mom and couz and her mom. I figured that it's kinda sad that it's July now but my Christmas posts are still here, so I decided to blog about my trip to Korea!
We didnt go on tour and everything was planned by my cousin. I was there from the 16/5 to the 21/5 and we stayed in Myeongdong throughout. One thing that I do regret though was not doing prior research on where to go/things to shop beforehand cos we flew off immediately after my last assignment was due. But it's alright I've learnt to do my homework next time.

It was my first time flying AirAsiaX. It was pretty alright so I dont get what's with all the bad rep! The plane was really empty so I got to change seats and have a window seat + a whole row to myself, so I'm guessing that's why.
pictures above Learning the Law during the 6 hour flight cos law school doesnt permit time away from the books trololol (I'm kidding, I barely read two pages). Decided to watch a Monster High movie on the iPad instead to bring out my inner postmodernity lol. On flight photos kinda suck cos I only brought my 50mm lens so all the photos look really zoomed in hehe.
We arrived at Incheon Airport at around 4pm (Malaysian time) but immigration there was sad which delayed us even more cos we couldnt find our luggage after that. We only left the airport about an hour later, then we took a cab to our hotel. We stayed at Skypark Hotel III. The cab ride was horrifyingly long that I actually fell asleep on the cab (that's what I get for not sleeping on the plane).

Day One

1st and 2nd pictures above Visited Ewha Womans University on our first day! It's super huge and is probably x10 the size of my current uni (no exaggeration). Plus the landscaping is really stunning which really made me want to pull up my cgpa so I can transfer to a bigger school LOL. We didnt get to go very far into the school though.
Disclaimer: I'm not sure about the names of the places so please bare with me lol.
Near the university there's a shopping street, which was pretty much where we spent the entire day. We bought so much clothes here!

pictures above our lunch! It's called "Andong jjimdak". It's basically chicken + noodles in black sauce and we ordered one with cheese! I typically cant deal with thick sauces but this was honestly the best food I ate throughout the whole time I was in Korea LOL. Someone pls let me know if you know what this is called.

There is a lot of mainstream cosmetic shops like Etude House, Tony Moly and Innisfree in the area. Almost all the shops had at least one staff who speaks Chinese. Their Chinese is so good I honestly couldnt tell if they were Chinese nationals or Korean. And lots of really interesting food that you wouldnt see back home.
3rd and 4th photos above shared this ice cream + choc coated strawberries in a fish shaped pastry (it has custard inside) with my mom. We also had bubble tea and fish cake!
I highly recommend anyone who's visiting Korea to visit here! Compared to Myeongdong, I like how the area was more "localized" and had stores that carried more Korean clothing brands.

pictures above we went back to Myeongdong for dinner. Seafood hotpot and bbq! We also ordered a mandatory seafood pancake (I think we had a pancake almost everyday).

Day Two
Our hotel was right next to Paris Baguette which is kinda like a bakery/cafe. We went there for breakfast twice and I really love it! Their sandwiches and their green tea latte are great!
We walked to Lotte World afterwards but then it was all closed so we cabbed to Lotte Mart instead. Bought lots of Korean food which you will see soon as I will be doing my Korea haul in a separate post.

In the late afternoon we walked to the Namsan cable car station from our hotel to go up to Seoul tower! We got there before it was dark so there wasnt much of a crowd as people usually go there after dark.
pictures above The view while waiting for the cable car to arrive~

pictures above More touristy photos from the tower! They have flower beds in the shape of a heart and trees made of locks~
We got churros with ice cream which tasted really great together!! Also one of the best things I had in Korea.

We came down from Namsan before sunset, then spent the rest of the night shopping in Myeongdong.
picture above the black building, Skypark Hotel III is where we stayed and is honestly the best thing ever. The hotel is literally right in front of the subway station, and is within a walking distance to many of the tourist attractions like Lotte World, Namsan Tower, Myeongdong street and all that.

Day Three

Took a 13-stop train ride to visit one of their parks! It was a weekday so there werent many people besides the elderly. So nice to see that they have such a nice place where grannies hang out together. Many of them go around in electric wheelchairs too.

We bought tickets to ride their chairlift to view the scenery! The ride was like 10-15minutes long (couldnt keep track cos my watch froze the moment we arrived in Korea lol) and it was really worth it. We saw little kindergarteners on their school trip. Really wish that we could have gone to the zoo too but no one else was interested huhu.

Day Four

Had breakfast in a place called Hollys Coffee. I had their mushroom soup which was just so-so. Their green tea latte was really good though. I realized that green tea lattes in Korea are exceptionally good.
Pretty much spent our last day shopping in Lotte World, then had BBQ for dinner.

We had some time after dinner so my mom and I went up to Namsan tower again. This time it was sooo packed although it was on a Wednesday. We have to walk up the stairs before we can take the cable car to the tower and the queue for the cable cars were like 3 floors long (as in we queued along the stairs and around each floor lol). But it was all good cos we got to see the city after dark. I think both going up during the day and during the night both have its own charms but you might miss out on a lot during the night like the flower beds cos it's too dark.

We had macaron x ice cream back down in Myeongdong where we shopped for the last time.
Was a bit sad that we had to leave the next day. Perfect weather and busy cities, nothing more I can ask for!


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