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Visiting JB!
Thursday, 13 August 2015, 10:06 pm

 Hi! So last week S and I took a flight down south for a very extended slumber party at J's place! In other words, we visited Johor, which is J's hometown lol!
We had at 8.25am flight on the 30th. It was my first time flying without my family but it was all cool. Met the little girl S at KLIA 2 at around 7.30, accompanied her to buy Milo, checked in then we went to buy the Thens some Ritter Sport for having us!
Had the ultimate kiasu moment with the little girl cos we deliberately sat right next to the boarding gate and got ready to run with all our luggage when it was time for us to board the plane LOL. This is because we had more carry-ons than was allowed and we wanted to make sure that we had enough space to put them in the cabin. It was also our first time flying domestic too so it was really funny that we were landing not long after we took off.

Day One

J and her dad came to pick us up from the airport. Went to J's house first to settle down and inspected each other's cosmetic + skincare pouches (LOL) before we went cafe hopping (which apparently is a JB thing)!
pictures above some of my fav shots of the day! Too many beautiful photos from the day so I had a hard time picking a few to upload.
It rained on us so we were stuck in one of the cafes for more than an hour but it's alright.

We had dinner at this cat cafe that had amazing illustrations, though the food there was only mediocre. The mushroom soup was soso, the carbonara didnt sit well with me and S. The sauce for the chicken was pretty good though!
We didnt really get to play much with the cats cos there were hyperactive kids harassing the cats and chasing them around. It was quite uncomfortable to watch. One of the cats took shelter and hid under my seat LOL.

After that we went to get dessert which tasted pretty good but was pricey as hell. We made the mistake of asking the waitress for recommendations without checking the price first so we got a RM86 bill in return LOL. At least it looked like a work of art. I dont know how to describe what it is but I would say it's like your average desserts like waffles and ice cream taken apart and made into powder form? LOL. I guess it was kinda worth the experience but not really the flavors.

Day Two

Woke up super early in the morning the next day and we took the KTM to Singapore! The train ride only took 5 minutes. Such bliss to get to go to Singapore so conveniently. When we arrived we took a bus to Woodlands and then a really long train ride all the way to USS!
They were having some promo for Malaysians and Singaporeans so we got 2 express passes and one normal ticket for much cheaper!
pictures above my USS solo shots as I waited for S and J to go for their express pass attractions! It felt really good to be alone in such a crowded place (despite the occasional stares LOL). I felt like I really got to appreciate the little details that makes USS a simulation of some non-existent wonderland~
On another note, being alone in a theme park when a thunderstorm is coming is totally not fun.

pictures above we took more photos when the girls finally got back!
I got all the showtimes of all the performances while I was alone so we could watch as many as we could before we left!

pictures above First we went to watch Elmo's When I Grow Up which was pretty LOL cos it was a sing along. Nonetheless I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The show ended with raining bubbles which honestly is such a dream come true lol.
Next we went to watch this b-boy performance which was pretty cool too.
Really wish we could have watched Lights, Camera, Action! but we had to leave before the horrible jam back to JB started. Tickets for the KTM back were all sold out so we took a cab back home~
Had dinner with J's dad at home then we took off and had supper at another cafe. :>

Day Three

On the last day of our visit, we decided to bake the Thens a carrot cake, which took a lot longer than expected cos we were so exhausted LOL. Still it turned out pretty good!
After we were done packing we went out for dinner at this awesome western food place with J's mom! Our flight was at 10.25pm so we went to the airport straight after.
Our trip was pretty short but still I think I got a pretty good feel of JB because we crammed so much activities in just 3 days LOL. Plus, I really love how the pictures for this trip turned out! So much love for my 50mm!

So here's a mini haul just because I haven't done one in a while. I got a new watch about a week ago and it's from Casio! Their SHEEN collection I really like because of how princessy it is. Decided to go for something simple and versatile cos it would be sticking with me for a while.

And finally, I got my own Naked 3 palette! Those of you who know me would know that I've been wanting this palette since I graduated from college (about 8 months ago?) but never got to actually buying it. My mom decided to get it for me when we were in Sephora the other day. I'm still learning how to use it because I suck at putting on makeup.
My second semester is starting really soon already! Next I'll put up my Korea haul.

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