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Saturday, 3 January 2015, 4:48 pm

 Hi everyone! I'm finally back to do my new year's post, which has been a tradition here since 2009. No doubt 2014 was the year that I neglected this space the most so hopefully I can sum everything up in one post. I said the same thing about 2013, but right now I think 2014 has been the best, most rewarding and most important year for me so far. I dont know how but I really hope that 2015 can surpass that, LOL.
My only resolution for 2014 was to do well for my AS and A2. My A2 results will be released this January (I think) but regardless, I am so damn grateful that I've come so far and have graduated. So yes, consider my 2014 resolution fulfilled!
So here's my 2k14 in review:
  1. 1st Jan- our sem one results were released and I did relatively well so I was no longer on a conditional offer!
  2. Topped the class for socio for sem one under Ms Tilakam, along with GH! ♥
  3. Became Events Director for our Law Society and got to meet lovely people like Nicole, Jia Jun, Chun Hau!
  4. Socio teacher became Ms Sharifah who had me do a presentation on postmodernism, which actually came out for AS!   
  5. Concluded AS with Japanese food with the lovely classmates. ♥
  6. Went for penguin suit shopping for R and went for CAL prom
  7. Became part of EXO's fandom during my one month break after AS. (hence the EXO banner above) 
  8. Organised a mooting competition for school with fellow Law Society people and did their banners & flyers!
  9. Melted in school upon receiving AS results.
  10. Sat for IELTS and LNAT, which were both equally sad. 
  11. Socio teacher became Dr Ng who had me teach the Jan 14 class, where I met so many new, lovely people.
  12. Concluded A2 with TGIF and Big Hero 6 with lovely classmates. ♥
  13. Came back to Taylor's for an award ceremony for clubs. 
  14. Worked for Taylor's Open Day for two weeks.
  15. I have still continued to love SHINee and Jonghyun (although they were mia this year so I had to resort to EXO) for another year so this makes the 5th year LOL.
  16. 29 Dec- launched my new shop, Lovely Core, in partnership with my dear friend JR.
There's so much about 2014 to miss! 2015 is going to be the year of big changes- I'll be going to a new school (dk where yet), I'll be running my shop, I'll be taking paid employment... I dont even know but I'm so excited for the adventures to come. I'll be busy with my shop but I've got plenty lined up for you guys! No matter what this space will always be here just like it was when I went away for PMR, SPM, A-levels...
Happy new year everyone!


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