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This is the start of how it all ends
Monday, 15 December 2014, 6:37 pm

Hihi! So finally, here is my first Christmasy post of the year!! Not really Christmasy cos the only thing that changes is the background of my photos LOL. I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban until I decide where I'm going for uni but I have been failing miserably cos of Christmas/year end sales LOL.
Went to pyramid a coupla weeks ago and finally went for brow waxing at Benefit's brow bar. I have delayed this since July/Aug cos it's scary. The process actually wasnt really that painful (you get used to it actually), but the thought of putting hot wax near your eyes is really scary. Especially if the one doing your brows puts a whole lot of wax and it gets onto your eyelashes/into your eyes (which is what happened to me), then it's not so fun and the scariness triples LOL. No doubt that the end result is great nonetheless and I definitely see myself going back there to do my brows again, although I would also of course ask for someone more gentle.

picture above new purse from Guess which I swear is gonna explode really soon cos I put my huge phone in (which is what I bought the purse for in the first place hahah). It actually comes in pink as well but I chose the blue cos it was bigger lol.

picture above more things from F21! I've been in serious need for makeup brushes for a while now and I actually bought a 7piece set on the same day, but then I realized that it didnt have an eyeshadow brush, which was what I needed the most. So I saw this cuter set from F21 and felt so betrayed cos this was so much cuter + 1/4 the price of the set that I first bought so I went ahead and bought it anyway LOL. Havent gotten the chance to test out the quality of both sets yet so we'll see how that goes~ Also got another kawaii bow.

picture above me and my mom suddenly decided to try Planet Popcorn for the first time and ended up buying three different flavours lol. They disappeared after only a coupla days in my house so sobs.


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