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"Lover's Spit" left on repeat
Monday, 22 December 2014, 3:12 pm

 Hi! So last Sunday I went for a baby shower for my cousin's newborn baby girl! It was held at one of the restaurants in Saujana Resorts called Charcoal. It was a buffet lunch (I dont know if it's a buffet restaurant on normal days though) so today I'm going to flood you with more food photos lol.

pictures above couldnt take photos of the main course food cos the lighting was terrible + there were too many people LOL. There really was a big variety spanning from local food (like satay) to sushi and dimsum. There was even oatmeal and different types of cheeses.

Was sitting indoors at first but moved outdoors later so that other people could use the bigger table and we were rewarded with better lighting yay.
picture above my plate which mostly consisted of Japanese cuisine lol.
picture below me and my sister's dessert plate. Had ice cream later too which was meh.

picture above had the mushroom soup as well and I actually think it was the best thing I had the entire day.
picture below other meaty food + curry mee which I didnt touch cos I am part-pescetarian huheuehe. There was actually a whole lamb on spit-roast which I guess was the highlight among the other guests.

pictures above outside of the restaurant there was a pool and a golf course. And also another restaurant which was above their lake. Been in the area a lot lately and Saujana is a really beautiful and peaceful place.
All in all, the food was really mediocre for me. In fact, they looked a lot better than they tasted. Some were bearable while others were not, but there was really nothing that was extraordinarily good. Nonetheless you could actually easily find a lot of good reviews about this restaurant so maybe it just wasn't for me.


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