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I'm Back
Wednesday, 3 December 2014, 4:42 pm

 Hi, hi and hi. After a year and a half of semi hiatus, I'm officially done with A levels, and I think this time I'm finally back for real. So many wonderful things has happened during this period. I had to let go this space, havent touched my camera in months, barely caught up with old friends outside my current school, but it has actually been the best, most rewarding 1.5years of my life.
When we first came in we were all so spazzy about our senior A who got A's for socio, something which seemed like such an impossible task especially when our entire class was failing. He voluntarily taught us whenever we met up. I had so much respect for him cos just by talking to him you'd know that he is so knowledgeable. Later in the end of sem one we also started to spazz over another senior, S cos she got top in the world for law LOL. I feel so small compared to them and I feel like they played the biggest role in making me so eager to learn because there is so much that I do not know. They were the ultimate role models for us LOL.
In Sept Dr Ng gave me the wonderful opportunity to teach the Jan 14 class the one topic that helped me get an A for socio in AS. Although just for an hour or so I hope that I left an impact on them like A and S did on me. So many times a lot of us have contemplated about dropping socio because the struggle is so real and we would never know if the amount of time & effort is actually worth it at all. I am so damn lucky that it has rewarded me in terms of grades as well, but more importantly it has helped me put so many things into perspective. I know that if I had dropped it I would have so much more time to concentrate on my other subjects and do a lot better, but I'm willing to forgo that. On the other hand, my friend C got top in the world for AS law just like S did. It's weird that these people had made such a big impact on us but I think they would barely remember us at all.

picture above the few of us that stayed on until the last of our A2 paper- economics.
There's so much to miss now that it's over, most of all I'm going to miss seeing my lovely friends as often as we did in school. Never felt so indebted to anyone before like I do to them. Natasha, Weng Zhi and Ju Ann who has tolerated my endless math & econs problems from the beginning until the end even though I have nothing to offer them in return. Also Claire and Guan Huey who took the trouble to come to school to study together in the midst of our A2 exams. If I werent for them I'm pretty sure that I wouldnt have made it all the way to A2 at all. I cant believe my luck to have met such selfless people.
A lot of us barely spoke in the first two sems because of our different subject combinations, so at the most we would only have one or two classes together. But I'm glad that we somehow got so much closer in the last and it's such a pity that our time ended just when we were starting to get really close. T.T

The 28th Nov was also my last day with Law Society when we had our award ceremony. Gone through some committee member changes esp when Vivian and Jia Jun left us. No doubt I considered leaving as well cos I was pretty sure that I was gonna die in third sem but I managed to survive, and I'm glad that I stuck by cos I met so many cool people along the way.

picture above Hello Kitty lanyard from Daiso.
Went for 3pm lunch + Big Hero 6 with the classmates after our last paper. The reason why it took me so long to update although A2 ended about a week ago is cos I had to complete my uni applications. Dont know where I'll be going from here and it's scary. Also, I was working for Taylor's the past weekend and I'll be doing the same giving campus tours once again this weekend, LOL!
Really grateful for those who stuck by even though I've disappeared for such a long time. I will be doing my birthday post & maybe a Taobao haul soon so please stay tuned for that! I will also be embarking on a new journey with my friend JR, which I hope you will get to see really soon!
Have a wonderful December!


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