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Saturday, 13 December 2014, 11:57 am

 EXO's Tao because he's ruining my lyfe.
The past week has been pretty depressing cos it was basically filled with goodbyes, one after another. As you can tell from my previous (two) posts I'm still trying to adjust to post A levels life so hopefully this phase will end soon LOL. On a happier note, Christmas, my fav time of the year, is nearing and I cant wait to put up my Christmas posts for you all to see!!
Tuesday- Played tour guide with Rae Rae and took Claire and Guan Huey around the Curve and Ikea (cos there's no Ikea in Penang and Sarawak, where they're from). We bought them the famous Ikea meatballs, hot dogs and curry puff for them to try for the first time! Claire and Ju-Rae loved the meatballs but Guan Huey not so much. I tried them for the first time not too long ago and I'm glad that I've finally met someone who isnt crazy about them either (in fact they make me sick). Had the most fun at the candles & Christmas decor section at Ikea because candles + Christmas is love LOL. Basically spent most of the time afterwards in Borders as expected for two lit students + two socio fanatics. Went to chill at JR's mom's office later cos it was gonna rain.

picture above lilac crushed glass and special Christmas scented candle from Ikea!! The crushed glass I'm using as a filler for my brush holder. The site actually have them in gold & red as well, which are not available here so sobs.
Wednesday- Wasnt ready to say goodbye for real yet so we met up again at school the next day (also cos no pics!!). Dr Ng asked us to pop by during her class with the 2 year program socio students (who were also my classmates during last sem) since I promised her that I would come back to guide the juniors (but Jan 14 intake's semester had ended so). Felt so moved that some of the juniors actually came in to join the "discussion". In the end, Dr Ng walked us all the way to the stairs to see us off and wished us well. Literally felt like shit cos it was really my last time there.
Bought mille crepe for Ms Tee, my math teacher, who played the biggest role in my A levels journey. She supported me from the beginning when I was still under a conditional offer, until the end of my A2. I honestly didnt even think that I could carry on to my second semester cos I was pretty damn sure that I failed my sem one exam, but I didnt. And I actually completed my course with all four subjects, which seemed so impossible back then.
Also said my last goodbyes to my president & classmate-for-one-semester, Chun Hau and treasurer & junior, Nicole who have been wonderful at tolerating my stank attitude in Law Society for the whole year LOL.

After all that sadness, went for lunch with JR, Claire and Guan Huey for the real last time (after endless "last times" since even before A2 lol) at KimchiHaru, which kinda became our place since 3rd sem since our previous "place" shut down.
pictures above my ramen and JR's ramen + tteokbokki.

pictures above Claire and GH's bibimbap + extras we ordered cos we wanted to go all out for our last meal together lol. The color difference between the two is cos Claire is immune to spicy food.

So I guess this concludes all the goodbyes for the year. Hopefully this will be the last of the depressing series of posts as well LOL.

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