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Of All the Things I've ever held, the best by far is you
Friday, 5 September 2014, 11:49 pm

 Hello! My trials just ended yesterday and I'm on my break again now. Well today mainly consisted of A2 maths and LNAT, which is why my brain is completely fried LOL. I'll be taking LNAT in a week and I really dont know how to feel about considering that I'm an extremely slow reader and there's nothing really I can do to prepare sobs. Just hoping that me taking EST for SPM might put me at advantage.

Well my AS results were released on the 12th of August, and the only thing I have left to say is that I feel so blessed. Supposedly had a class when the results were released so I gave my mom (who was supposed to call me if I had any A's or fails lol) my details to check cos I didnt want to be affected in school. A really small part of me wanted an A for law although I knew I screwed up the essay paper, so I was really bumped when the call never came. I was with Guan Huey later when my mom sent me a photo of my results on LINE instead and I wanted to die cos school wifi was failing lol. When I finally saw it I melted on the hallway first with GH then later again when I was with JR, LOL. Went to see the principal with JR just to check if the results were even mine.
Grateful for all the wonderful friends that have helped me come so far, I'm so proud of them for doing so well. Let's all jia you and work hard together for A2!


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