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Let Them Talk
Tuesday, 3 June 2014, 6:28 pm

 Hellohello! I basically spent the last coupla days at home watching We Got Married! I seriously adore Key x Yagi Arisa, and somehow I've caught up so fast and now I have to wait for the next ep, which seriously reminds me of why I dont usually watch anything until they've completely concluded the show. The Heechul x Puff couple is so mundane to me and I always try my best to skip their parts, lolol. Watching Key and Arisa really rekindled my love for all things Japanese and people like Hirari Ikeda and Juria Nakagawa. So much love love.

So last Friday I went on a date w my mermaido to Pyramid! Had awesome Pepper Lunch and after months (even more than a year I think) of delaying, I've finally bought myself a pair of Vans! Lolol I feel like I've been rewarding myself so much after AS. I actually really love the solid color Vans as well but decided to go for the leopard print instead cos I felt like I can get solid color canvas shoes cheaper elsewhere. Dont know how I'm gonna wear them yet but love them! The limited edition Beatles design is seriously nice but I didnt wanna get it cos I dont listen to them, hahah.

picture above new found lovelies, heart-shaped flash sunnies from ZARA! As you may be able to tell from my Christmas post that I'm in love w flash sunnies, huheuehe. But it is indeed hard to look for decent ones. D:
picture below clear with lilac rim case for my lovely pink Note! The Hello Kitty pluggie was a gift from my bro and is so cute, hehe. Unfortunately, I cant stand to leave it there for long cos it keeps falling out and getting lost. :(

If you know me you'd know that one of my biggest obsessions (and possibly biggest distraction during exam period) is customizing my phone, lolol. So here's my current theme~ my lockscreen, homescreen, app drawer and my keyboard! I dont pay for any of these so I'm really happy! The semi-transparent heart button you see everywhere on the right is actually an assistive touch (click on the photos to enlarge). I feel like doing a What's on My Phone post but I typically try to keep my phone as clean as possible, so we'll see how that goes. :>
I'm not an EXO fan (yet) but in the last photo you can see my friend JR and I talk about Lay, lololol! I genuinely think that EXO has some of the best rappers and dancers although they're still relatively new. Tao makes me wanna learn Chinese again!

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