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A Hundred Jewels on Throats, a hundred jewels between teeth
Monday, 16 June 2014, 6:46 pm

CAL Senior Night 2014
Hi! My Senior Night was held last Friday in Renaissance Hotel in KL. It was kind of a bummer that all of my high school friends who were in the 2 year program couldnt attend, and throughout the entire night, more than anything I realized that I barely knew anyone from the earlier intakes, lolol. But nonetheless, I'm really grateful to have gotten to spend the night with my lovely classmates! :D :D

So after weeks of prom dress hunting with my mermaido and then my mom, I finally settled on a grey, sparkly a-line dress! It's actually floral which hopefully you may be able to catch later in the photos. This is probably the most elaborate dress I've ever worn for prom, with a train and all that jazz, hahah. Once again I had my makeup done at MAC. My sister usually does my hair for me but this year due to time constraint, I had it done at APT (the way they treat their customers is seriously unprofessional like a bunch of sec school kids, but eventually they do get their job done) in Pyramid! You cant see in photos but I had a waterfall braid done at the back!
picture above lovely polaroids, ticket and my clutch for the night! Yes, I am precisely the type that goes to formal events with a dslr and my instax, hahahah.

Photo quality gets sadder as we roll deeper into the photos, sigh! I'm really considering on getting an external flash to get full use out of my 50mm. $
The weather that day was plain ridiculous and by the time me and Wz left Ju-Rae's house (we were following behind her car), his hair gel had melted and my makeup quasi-melted (more melting to come later). The journey to KL was pretty tolerable cos it wasnt too jam.
As some of you may know, Ju-Rae and I have been obsessing over EXO pretty much every single day since we were done with AS (LOL). So during the entire journey I was anticipating the radio to play Overdose cos they played the preview of it, but they didnt. But then later Ju-Rae got into the car with us and both of us were asking each other why they didnt play it (it was a Chinese radio station), and right then they started playing Overdose, lololol.
picture above my prom dates Jr, Wz and Ricky! These three are like my babies cos I pretty much dressed Wz and Ricky up (went suit shopping w them and picked out Ricky's entire outfit, Wz's bowtie and shirt) and I also did Jr's hair which turned out pretty okay for a last minute, less than 15mins job, hahah.
picture above with beautiful ladies Eena, Natasha, Vivian, Sveetkei and Ju -Rae!

Senior Night honestly had the most boring performances compared to those that I've been to in my high school. Even Jr and Wz agreed so I feel bad for my friends who attended their first prom that night, lol! So basically Ju-Rae and I spent pretty much the entire dinner talking about EXO and ranking our favourite and least favourite members, lol! (my next post will most probably an EXO post so beware)
pictures above more photos but with the lovely Ju Ann and Eena, who was later crowned prom queen!

Ending my post with a very Victorian photo with the Ju's, bromance and all that prom night jazz, lol. Only uploading some of the clearer group photos here just because. I guess in conclusion I really liked my dress + hair the most this time cos my dress was so elaborate and hair was the first time I had a successful waterfall braid, hahaha. I'm not sure since when (hopefully only after I left) but by the time I came home, I saw that my makeup was completely ruined & smudged, sobs. I'm assuming it's cos my eyes kept tearing from all the yawning and boredom, LOL. (yes I was honestly really that bored)


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