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Victory is Contagious
Thursday, 29 May 2014, 1:01 pm

 Hi everyone! After almost an entire month I'm finally done with my AS finals!! AS ended with a bang yesterday with Sociology as my last paper, which wasnt entirely a breeze but nonetheless I am extremely grateful. This is because at the beginning of the semester Ms Sharifah had grouped us to do a presentation on a postmodern essay, which was rough cos my group was not co-operating. But I guess if it werent for the wrong team I never would have read up and understood postmodernism so thoroughly as I had done and would have done so bad for my paper. In a nutshell, I would say that AS was pretty tolerable, hahah. I'm on a one month+ break now and I'll be having prom in a coupla weeks and I have yet to find a dress! D:

After my socio paper, I went to 1U with the lovely Ju Ann, Weng Zhi, Natasha, Eena, Ricky and Ju-Rae! WZ picked JR, Ricky, JA and I from school. My first time out w these scholars, WZ and the girl with untrusting parents (LOL), so nice to finally be able to chill and spend time with the rest after months of social hiatus, haha! Although most of the time while we were at 1U I was looking for a suit with Ricky while the others bowled, lol.
picture above is a polaroid from yesterday's date at Kita no Zen! Sadly Ricky had to play the sacrificial role cos I didnt trust the waiters with my Instax. :(
I'm so grateful to have met this bunch, otherwise A levels would have sucked so bad. Furthermore, these are the people who have helped me in my studies so much and I dont even know how bad it would have been without them. Feel so bad that they had to tolerate out-of-the-blue texts from me and my endless math & econs problems, hahaha.

picture above After many, many, many months of contemplating, I finally got myself a Posietint from Benefit yesterday! The reason why I took such a long time is cos I couldnt decide between Posietint, Benetint, and the new Lollitint. Also cos I've been using the Body Shop lip and cheek stain (and loving it!) for more than a year now and it's barely half the price of Benefit's. I finally decided to invest in the Posietint cos I love the sweet pink color, compared to the darker rose pink of the Body Shop's, and as a reward to myself after completing the most tedious semester ever, hahahah.
picture below is an extremely belated Christmas gifto from my precious mermaido. ♥ It's a Beauticology Sweet Temptations gift set.

picture above My dad just got back from the USA and here's one of my favorite things he got me- a backpack from Juicy Couture!

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