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I'm right here for you
Saturday, 29 March 2014, 6:16 pm

 Hi! It has been a little over 2 months but I'll be disappearing again soon cos I'll be sitting for my AS in about a month zomg. My trials just ended yesterday afternoon and then I had to return back to campus for Lead camp, which was pretty tedious for me cos of my newly developed insomnia from exams, hahah. Nonetheless, after a double-interview and all that drama, I'm grateful to be the Events Director for Law Society and got to meet all kinds of cool new people. A funny thing is that during the camp I spoke to one the freshie who was taking sociology as well and I think I scared him into rethinking his subject combination, lol.
The past coupla weeks of socio has been a real roller-coaster ride for me. Sometimes Ms Sharifah would fail me so bad, and other times she would grade me so high. I'm pretty caught in between and cant decide if I should heed the advice of my new socio lecturer or the old one, both who are conflicting. I honestly do believe that Ms Tilakam was right that by the end of the semester there will be less than 10 of us left in class (there are more than 20 of us currently), and I genuinely do want to be part of that minority so badly. But no matter what my love for socio as a subject can never be replaced so I guess we'll just let fate take its course hahah. Besides that, my other subjects have been pretty alright.

picture above My lovely new fragrance vaporizer I just got this morning from Lovely Lace! I always wanted my own diffuser but my mom would never allow me to light upstairs, so today we finally found this electricity powered one which makes me so happy! Have not quite figured out how exactly it works yet cos the scent is still very faint, but maybe it's cos of the amount of scented candles I have in my room, lol. It came with a bottle of Iris oil.

picture above is my new My Melody and friends backpack!!! I ordered it online and it is so cute, kekekeke. It has a giant bow and ears sticking out and it's what I occasionally use for school (it is huge inside).

Havent done this in a while so here's my study anthem throughout my entire trials! Spectrum is hands down my favorite of Zedd's so far and I first heard the Korean version for SM the performance!

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