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Punch-Drunk Love
Sunday, 19 January 2014, 3:31 pm

 Hello and hello! Rushing today's post cos I've got 2 law assignments (one is due tomorrow!) and 2 presentations due this week, huhu~ To start off, my first week of school was definitely a very stirring one for me so I felt the need to put it all down here before the feelings faded away, hahah. I think the most eventful part of my college life since the beginning was finding out that I topped the class in socio for our soe (which is kinda sad actually, lol!), which I am truly happy and grateful for that I wanted to cry in school, lol! Secondly, when we had our first math class of the year it suddenly hit me that I'm no longer tied down to the school's conditional offer, which means that the school no longer can force me to drop math anymore. I really felt the math burden being lifted and I really hope that for the coming year I can finally let go of my resentment towards the subject, hahah. & lastly, there are a few missing faces in my class but nonetheless, I'm so proud of my fellow scholar friends who have come so far and are still, and will sticking around with us until the end!
And on to some pictures!

picture above The Clear Smooth Shine Free pressed powder I bought on impulse because I urgently needed a pressed powder. The packaging really sucks (the puff given is just dumb) but as for the powder, it gets the job done so I guess it's alright for the low price! Their So Nude lipsticks and Pure Mineral concealer which I absolutely swear by! But I think the concealer has been discontinued already so I need to stop being cheap and find a replacement for it, hahah.

pictures above above are stuff that I bought in the past week! The 3 peas in a pod I absolutely fell in love with when I first saw it in Toys Story 3, then my sister showed me an online store that was selling it so I bought it and I've been loving it to death, hehehe. It is so cute!! Next to it is an AriZona green tea with ginseng + honey, which has been the hype lately so I bought one to try.

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