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Needles in a Haystack
Thursday, 2 January 2014, 4:13 pm

 Hi everyone! So today I'll be doing a post on 'What I Got for Christmas 2013'. I just got back from the lion city (Singapore) a coupla days ago so I guess here I'll be sharing with you guys my Singapore haul as well. :D
I normally spend Christmas in Sg but this year my grandma stayed with us instead for Christmas so we only went a coupla days after Christmas, hahah. Unfortunately, this year I never got the chance to shoot the Christmas decorations cos it was all such a rush. But it's alright since there's always a next time. ^^
And on to the photos!

picture above is a Spring Water scented Yankee Candle I got!! I cant tell you how happy I am to have finally gotten my very first Yankee Candle, which is something I've wanted for years now after seeing endless photos of it on Tumblr and We♥It. & yes, it is the big one and I dont know if I'll ever get to actually lighting it cos I just love it too much, LOL! Although personally I would have chosen something more to the sweeter side like vanilla but surprisingly, the Spring Water scent smells pretty good & fresh as well! It says that it burns for about 110-150 hours which is pretty cool.
picture below is a 2014 daily planner which I bought from Typo (at 50% off zomg!!) for school. And also a husky beanie boo that I got. ^^ Hehe they are so cute!

picture above is a thermos water bottle that my mom got for me, which is actually what I really need especially during exam periods when I drink a lot of green tea, hehehe.
picture below is a L'Occitane Rose 4 Reines velvet hand cream & solid perfume which my aunt got for me. :> The green flash aviators are from Zara, which is something that I've been looking for a while now and I'm really excited to have found it in Sg!

picture above is definitely one of the most exciting gifts, a Moschino red satin signature shoulder bag! I feel like Moschino can be one of my new favorite brands next to Juicy Couture cos it's just so fun & vibrant! :D

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