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Back to School 2014
Monday, 6 January 2014, 9:23 pm

 Hi! School officially starts for me tomorrow and I'm really excited to get to meet my friends again! But nonetheless, I'm really not ready for all the work & I really wish we had a longer holiday!
My new timetable is not up yet but I'm so so sad that we'll be getting a new socio teacher. :( I just think it's such a chore having to adjust to a new lecturer in the middle of the syllabus, furthermore it's sociology which alone is already so challenging, sigh! Plus, we might well be merging with another sociology class of the same intake so I guess we'll just see how that goes~

So to go with the new year + schools reopening soon, here is my 'Back to School' post! My school doesnt have a dress code (I think) for the humanities students like myself since the science students have lab work and all that drama, hahah. But tbh I kinda miss wearing uniforms to school cos it really saves the trouble of deciding what to wear every day.
picture above are some new clothes that I bought quite a while ago but took me so long to upload, LOL! My classrooms are air conditioned + during the rainy season it's practically like a winter wonderland, and it's the perfect time to bring out those winter clothes that we otherwise never get to wear, hahah.
left picture below is officially how my study looks like ever since I started A-levels- just a clutter. I have countless numbers of colored pens & highlighters, plus I added a mini whiteboard to take down my important dates & stuff that I still need to study for (it's emptier now cos it was the holidays). Also recently, my sem 1 results have gone up too, hahah.
right picture below is how my cork board (which is next to my table) looks like right now- also a clutter, hahah.
If you've been following me for quite a while now, you might have seen my previous photos of my study (post here) and it's crazy how much more things + how much messier things have gotten since I started college, lol!

I think the best part about starting a new semester is that we can buy new school supplies, which makes me so happy, huehuheuhue!
picture above is a pink ring folder for law (I just bought a purple one for Socio too) to file all my notes! & underneath it are plain plastic folders which came in a pack of 10 of the exact same ones from Daiso, which I use for math cos I never got to bothering to organize all my math stuff, hahah.
left picture below are random stationery, sticky notes, index notes (they are important!), reinforcement rings (also important!),
right picture below are A4 size notebooks, which I only use for socio now cos I've already finished up 2 for math. Towards the end of my previous sem I just decided to switch from notebooks to papers cos it's not as heavy + you dont need to bring the entire book but rather just the few pages you need.
So I guess the beginning of my new sem also marks the beginning of my semi-hiatus. I actually have quite a lot of catching up to do but I chose to spend the night typing all these out, hahah. Time to go pack my things for school tomorrow (I never got to buying a new school bag so yeah). Good luck to everyone starting school soon too and bye!

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