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Sephora Opening @ Sunway Pyramid
Thursday, 12 December 2013, 11:57 am

 So on the 19th October I went for the opening of Sephora at Sunway Pyramid with my sister! Of course, pyramid will never be my favorite place to shop but nonetheless I'm glad that we finally have a nearby Sephora to go to. :D
The week before the opening, they actually came to my school area to promote their opening, but Diyana and I never participated cos it was just the 2 of us and we were hurrying back to class, lol! Then a coupla days later, they went to my sister's uni at Lakeside and she brought home an Urban Decay The Wizard of Oz Glinda palette, which she got for free zomg! Then I realized what a big mistake I made for not being participative, lolol.
So if you know me, you'd know that I've been an avid fan of Sephora since lower sec school hahahah.

picture above are all the products that my sister and I won during the opening! :D These are: Percy & Reed's No Oil Oil, Urban Decay's The Wizard of Oz Glinda palette, Sephora's cream body wash in Lagoon and Green Tea, lipstick from Bare Minerals, mini palette from Sephora, Bare Minerals' blush and an eye shadow from Urban Decay. :D The book on the left was my Christmas gift a coupla years back.

picture above is how the inside of the Wizard of Oz Glinda palette! :D It also comes with the Super Saturated High Gloss pink lip color inside. I havent gotten the chance to use them yet but I know that once they run out I can pop in any of the UD eye shadows into the case. :> My sister decided to give it to me which I am more than grateful for.
pictures below is the Sephora palette which I actually got to redeem for free cos it was my birthday + I have their white card. I've tried the lip gloss on a photoshoot day in school once and it didnt really work out for me cos they arent really pigmented. :(

picture above are the Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Rhubarb (which I mentioned in my previous post) and an Estee Lauder Pure Color Sensuous Rouge lip color that we bought. :D
left picture below are Sephora facial masks that I decided to try out! :D I got the pearl mask and the other is green tea.

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