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Lying on the floor, surrounded
Wednesday, 1 January 2014, 3:00 pm

It's 2014 already and I cant believe how quickly 2013 flew by! I cant believe that I'll be turning 19 this year and it's actually pretty scary how much more responsibilities I'll have for the years to come, but I'll be ready for it when the time is right, right? Hahahah. My annual new year's post is definitely one of the best reasons why I've stuck to blogging for so many years cos it just gives me the chance to look back to the whole year and just self-reflect, you know?
In short, I guess it's safe to say that 2013 had been a really wonderful, enlightening year for me. Of course, shit happened towards the end of the year in September but nonetheless, I've learned so much in the past year, started anew, moved on from secondary school to college, that a little typical college life drama isnt enough to ruin it.
My transition from secondary school to college, I think I've changed quite a lot in this short period of time. College really changed my point of view on a lot of things with the very different, but equally as amazing people that I got to meet this year.
I think it has become a tradition here on my blog, here's a summary of some of the stuff that has happened in 2013!
  1. Graduated from secondary school and left Seafield.
  2. Dropped my wish to study in a Singapore JC and took a 6 months' break before starting col.
  3. Spent 2 months in ICLS, learning Japanese until I3 and got to meet a bunch of wonderful friends from different places like Melissa, Su-Ping and Ying Jia. In ICLS is definitely where I learned the most this year esp being friends with those who are so much older than me.
  4. Received my SPM results, which is slightly worse than expected but nonetheless I'm still grateful for having scored A's for subjects which I thought I could've failed from all the vomiting and sickness, hahah.
  5. Got offers from a bunch of Singapore polys but turned them all down as I decided to set my priorities straight- which was to do law
  6. Enrolled into Taylor's College to do A Levels
  7. Met Ju-Rae on the first day of orientation, then Diyana and Weng Zhi the next day and we've been the "Siu Mais" eversince. 
  8. Met my mermaido, MJ, and gotten closer to my other classmates plus the scholars whom I love so so much! 
  9. Got reunited again with my favorite comfort people in Taylor's and some who are just in the next door school, Inti. ♥ 
  10. Had a surprise birthday celebration a day in advance in class during our Sociology debate with my beloved friends. Earned 5points for my sem 1 exams for our win, huehuehe.
  11. Steamboat buffet on my birthday with my favorite 3K peeps, crashed Seafield's prom and had another surprise cake in Starbucks. 
  12. Attended college events like Strobes, did my first ever volunteer work with orphans in the Classroom Experience etc.
  13. Adopted a new furry little puppy!
  14. This year is definitely one of the years when I've learned the most about editing, and photography with the amount of spare time I had. I'm proud of my accomplishments so far.
  15. Reached above 300 followers on my blog! & for this I have every single one of you to thank for, 감사합니다, ありがとう, 谢谢你! ♥ 
  16. Also, I have loved SHINee and Kim Jonghyun for yet another year and it has been 4 years already (and counting!), ahahah. 
2013 I think was one of the best years for me, definitely was one of the most eventful. It was also one of the busiest that I rarely got to put down all the fun things down here on my blog. :(

picture above are some of my closest college mates, Ju-Rae, Diyana and Mayje. These three, hands down, played a really big role in making my year so special. This photo was taken during our photoshoot for our yearbook, which I never got to share so I thought of taking this opportunity to upload it! :D Really wish that I had taken more photos with my other classmates but it's alright since we've still got a year together to go~
I didnt have a New Year's Resolution for 2013 and I doubt that I'll have one for 2014 too, hahah. This year's gonna be all about doing well for my AS and A2, so that 2 years from today I can say proudly that I got into the uni of my choice.
School is starting in less than a week for me so I'll try my best to get my other posts up before then. Hope you guys have a wonderful new year and bye!


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