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Between the lines of fear and blame
Monday, 16 December 2013, 8:25 pm

 Hello, and hello! So yesterday I went for a BBQ at my lovely friend, MJ's house (we live so close to each other ♡) and it feels great to get to see them college mates again after... less than a week after our holidays begun, hahah! We did take some photos with my dslr but those were after we played with the grill and it was such a hot day and all of us just look so meh, so I wont be uploading them, hahah! I still have my birthday post, recent purchases & favorites, Japan haul (although I never did went to Japan) coming up! Oh, so many posts to do!
ALSO, I added falling snowflakes to my layout for the season and I really hope you can see them! The holidays season is always the best time of the year for me with Christmas candles and sales, and also it's the time for all the very exaggerated SHINee Gayo Daejun performances which will forever be my favorite, hahah. Although it doesnt snow here, I dont know why but something about Christmas feeeeeelsss that I love so so much!

picture above are the lovely polaroids with my classmates Mayje, Damira, Ju-Rae and Diyana from last night! I just got my Instax Mini 7S last year for my birthday but right now I'm soooooo tempted on getting the Instax Mini 8S which is so cute! Although I do know that there's no significant difference between the two and the photo quality is pretty much the same, but the 8S comes in full pink. T.T

pictures above So following up to this post, here are more visuals from my Singapore trip a few months back (I think it was in August...)! One thing that I will forever miss having outside of Sg is their ice cream sandwich which is so yummy huehuehue! It's simply just a slice of bread with a block of ice cream of your choice. You can choose the wafers instead of the bread which I think a lot of people would prefer, but I havent tried it yet, and I probably wont anytime soon cos I think it's very common.

Here goes some photos of the stuff I bought! I dont know how come most of the stuff I bought turned out to be from Guess, lololol.
picture above is an "all American Guess pin up girl" bag that I got. The wallet was actually a Christmas gift from last year. Hehehe and my lovely floral Cath Kidson phone case!
left picture below is a lovely charm bracelet which simply says "I ♥ Guess". The heart is diamond studded!
right picture below is a jelly transparent bag!


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