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Thursday, 31 October 2013, 8:33 pm

Happy Halloween, everyone! My blog just turned 6 a coupla days ago and since I only have an hour of class tomorrow, I thought that I would use this time to make a short one! It's been more than a month and I've got plenty to blog about and I'm dying to put them all up, but at the same time the workload in school is getting pretty crazy and I'll be having my semester exams in about a month. I've had my birthday, attended a Sephora opening, did voluntary work... I guess it's safe to say that October was a pretty great month, making up to what a shitty September I had. Well after tomorrow I'll be on my Deepavali break already but I'm gonna use this precious time I have remaining to catch up on my studies. But despite having close to no life (LOL!) and the never ending college-life-drama I still dont regret choosing the A levels path. :> My math teacher has been mia for a week now, which is kinda cool since we get to end classes early everyday, and not to forget the very longgggg hour breaks in between! But then again, this would also mean that I'll be spending my next coupla weeks of Fridays with replacement classes huhuhu~ T_T
Moving on, I'm really glad that I stuck to blogging for so many years, I feel like my entire life (the more significant parts of it anyway lol!) have been documented here. I dont know how long more I can keep this space alive but it will always be here. I feel like this space takes up a real significant part of my life and I cant imagine how I would be if I never started blogging 6 years ago, lol! Well, I'll be having another law and math test soon so I guess it's better I head back to the books. Have a nice weekend, x.


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