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We'll Wish This Never Ends
Monday, 2 September 2013, 12:01 am

 Hello lovelies! It has been a little over a month and I guess it's presumable that I've kind of ceased living since I started A levels, lol! We're rolling into September now, which is usually my favorite month of the year since it's my birth month (yay!) but at the same time I'm getting a little freaked out by how close we are to our Semester 1 exam. Gotta get 'em good grades and pass my Math!!
Well, school is hectic but still pretty manageable, what really sucks is when we have all our tests squeezed into one week. I'm finally on my semester break now and hopefully I'll make full use of my time to catch up on my studies and pull up my grades, LOL!
So here's some of the stuff that's happened in the past few weeks!
  • Had our first Sociology field trip in UM for a public lecture on 'Ethnic Inequality in Peninsular Malaysia' woooop.
  • Attended this school event 'Strobes'. (more about this later)  
  • Applied for Junior Vice President for Law Society but I havent had my interview yet so.
  • Met a whole lot of cool new people.
  • Had 2 test weeks and I guess I'm pretty satisfied with my results! Though I only had time to do 1/2 questions of my Law paper, which means that I pretty much already blew 25% marks, trolololol!
  • Got accepted into CAL's Editorial Board but decided to revoke my application in the end cos photography and design will forever be something really personal to me and I decided not to let anyone interfere with it. Plus, my interview went pretty bad and I figured I couldnt see eye to eye with my interviewer (and I'm assuming majority of the other members too).
  • Had a surprise celebration for my buddy, Ju-Rae's 17th birthday at Shakespeare. No photos cos I was too lazy to bring my DSLR so I brought my Instax instead, lol!
  • Made another trip to Singapore during our Raya break!
  • Started to revamp my room (again!!) and I cant wait to finish it up soon!
  • Gotten another new iPad for school, which you know I later figured was such a chore to lug around.
  • Had a coupla talks with my math teacher, Ms. Tee and I'm really amazed about how many people have so much faith in me than I will ever have for myself.
& the list goes on and on, really! Shall get myself a planner soon so I'd remember everything that's happened! :> And on to the pictures!

pictures above lovely polaroids and my ticket for Strobes! Besides getting some pretty great photos the event was pretty dull for me tbh. For me, the climax of the entire event was coming home to see the pictures, hahahah. So here are my lovely classmates Corina, Mayje, Ju-Rae, Netusha and Ryan.

pictures above my new toy, random school supplies (and the very famous pink calculator!!!!) and lastly, souvenirs Ju-Rae got for me from her trip to Taiwan. :D
Anywayanyway, I cant wait till I get my Singapore post up, which hopefully will be before the end of my break. Until then, have a great week everyone!

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