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Perfection is Better Than Cure
Saturday, 7 September 2013, 3:58 pm

 Hello, and hello! The sad news is that my sem break is coming to an end already but I've still got so much homework & catching up to do! I honestly cant remember a time when my study plans actually succeeded, oh wells. I cant wait to see my friends again but at the same time super dreading all the work!
Anyway, double Taemin today cos just a coupla days ago I decided to go natural again and dyed my hair to an extremely dark brown, LOL! My hair has changed from multiple shades and highlights over the past 2-3 years and I dont even remember how my natural hair color looks like anymore, hahah. The reason why is cos I just got sick of having a light colored hair & decided that natural is the way to go! But a few days later when I saw that Taemin and Key both dyed their hair black, I figured that I liked Key as a blonde and Taemin with his ash brown hair sooooo much better. :( So right now I'm still contemplating if I should go light again, haih! /dilemma

pictures above So here are some of the photos from my Swensen's date in Singapore during our Raya break! I've got plenty more touristy (quoting my classmate Damira who called me a tourist for bringing my DSLR around, lol!) shots from my trip but I guess those would have to wait a little longer. September's gonna be a real hectic month for me so I guess it's presumable that I'm going on another hiatus again. Just a short post today cos I really needa get back to my pile of work. Have a nice weekend, x.


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