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Something Final We Call Life
Tuesday, 2 July 2013, 2:50 pm

 Hello everyone! So I'll finally be starting my college life tomorrow and I'll be doing Cambridge A Levels in Taylor's College! To be honest, starting college this week is actually pretty sudden to me cos all along I was planning to do Canadian Pre-U instead (which starts much later), but only a few days ago I learned that only STPM, A levels and Ausmat are recognized in order for you to sit for the Malaysian bar exam. I think it's crazy that even if you're a bachelor's degree holder from Taylor's or Sunway universities (both Malaysia's own unis) in law that you're only qualified to be a legal advisor forever cos both unis are not even recognized by the Malaysian bar either.
My subjects are economics, law, sociology and mathematics and I really hope that I'll be able to cope well with these non-sciency subjects! I guess my starting college tomorrow officially marks the beginning of my semi-hiatus once again. Because I'm very weak in maths I'm actually required to get at least a 50% in my first semester exam or I'll be asked to drop the subject, which is pretty scary to me actually hahahah but I'm willing to work hard.
The plus side of taking CAL is that I know that my options are not limited if compared to the other pre-u courses. Like almost everyone else, I used to think that STPM, CAL, CPU, SAM and Ausmat are almost equivalent every where in the world and wont affect my choices when I want to further my studies. But I was clearly wrong and it's proven how important doing your research is, lol! Luckily it's not too late for me but the let down is that if I do decide to pursue my degree in NUS, I am literally at war with all the JC students, for whom I am clearly no match for, hahah!

So finally, here's a photo of my new puppy to brighten up this post! We adopted him on Mother's Day, which I know was super long ago and took me so long to blog about, lol! He's a mix Chow Chow (he has a purplish tongue) although we're not too sure cos they rescued his mom and all the other puppies not too long before they put them up for adoption. He's so tiny and cute, hahahah!
Well, I'll definitely try my best to keep this space alive. So until then, have a great July everyone! :D

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