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Love is the New Denim
Friday, 21 June 2013, 6:30 pm

 Hello and hello! It has been a real busy coupla weeks but I guess life has been treating me well which I am more than grateful for. Lately I've been devoting plenty of my time to photoshoots and trying out new stuff with Photoshop, and yes I'm pretty happy with the results! I'll be travelling to places soon and I cant wait to bring out my camera again. Because I dont think I know anything in the world more rewarding than coming home with beautiful photos.
Oh and also I am now currently reading To Kill A Mocking Bird, which is my second attempt to reading it (the first was in Sec 3). I cant believe what a long time I'm taking to read it (I'm not even halfway through) cos every minute I have to stop to look up a word. My vocabulary is so ridiculous hahahah. Maybe right before I start college I'll count the number of books I've read in the past 6 months, I hope it's a lot! :D
Here's a collective haul from the past few weeks! :D

So if you follow me on Instragram you'd know that around two weeks ago I took a train in Malaysia for the first time in my entire life, LOL! We took a train to KLCC and the ride there was not bad actually since it wasnt crowded at all! However the ride back was horrible cos it was way after dark and it was raining and it was so crowded and the ticket machines ran out of tickets and it was so crowded. D: I've been going out a lot lately so there wasnt much shopping for me to do anyway, but I havent been to KL in years I think.
picture above is NYX's Crystal Liner in Crystal Pewter that I bought from Sephora that day! :D I initially planned to buy Urban Decay's Heavy Metal which is pretty much the same but it costed RM75 while the NYX one only costed RM19 so I thought why not give NYX a try, lol! NYX also has a white version called Crystal Hip and I think I'm going to try that next! :D & at the back is a base coat from OPI that I bought that came free with a top coat too yay.
picture below is a very very CUTE Little Twin Stars shirt I bought from UNIQLO! :D It's actually too big for me but it was too cute so I guess I'll figure that out soon, hehe!

Here are some other things too that I bought last week (or was it the week before?)! I think I've already been to every mall around town, hahah!
picture above is a cute kitty ears hairband that I got from a flea! :>
picture below is a pair of new floral jeans that I got from ZARA. :D

Last Friday I also had the wonderful opportunity to shoot my older sister's preparation for her CAL prom! :D Bridal preparation photography is definitely among my favorite forms of photography and always get sooooo jealous cos I never got the chance to shoot one myself! My sister's prom is no wedding but I guess this is the closest I can get, LOL! My sister had both her hair and makeup professionally done and her makeup was done at MAC! :D
pictures above are some shots of the makeup the stylist used on her! This is the first time I can publicly and not discreetly shoot in a branded store without worrying about being busted by security guards (which has actually happened quite a number of times hahah).

pictures above are some of the cards that I made recently! :D The Good Luck card on the left was for my sister's exams! On the top right is a birthday card that I made for my friend, Jun Mae and had it mailed to her house, hahah! Thank God it didnt get lost & arrived in good condition! :D And lastly, the bottom right is a very last minute one I did for my good friend, Min-Rui. Yes, I wrote the words myself hehe! My calligraphy is not good but oh wells.

pictures above My new very very cute Hello Kitty phone case with a very very cute penguin-pretending-to-be-cream theme, teehee! Even the keyboard is so so cute, hahah! My phone is almost 2 months old already and so far I am still very much in love with it, hehe!

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