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We Are Not Art for Michelangelo to Carve
Tuesday, 28 May 2013, 9:37 pm

Hello everyone! It has been a little more than three weeks since my last update but let's just skip all the excuses today, hahah! :3 I made the banner above quite a while ago and the photo is actually my Japanese class photo! :D The reason why I decided to make that is cos I actually had to steal the photo from the school's website so the photo is very, very low res and I'm kinda OCD about picture quality, LOL! This is my I1 class and the lady with short hair in a white cardigan is actually one of my teachers, Ms. Maruyama! :D
And yes, Jonghyun is finally back with SHINee after disappearing for nearly two whole months yay! & with a fancy platinum blonde hair too, hahah! Anyway, I do have plenty of posts lining up but today I'm going to blog about my recent date with my dearest high schoolmates last Friday and a haul from the past weekend. :D So yep, incredibly long post ahead!

So after months of non-successful dates, JD finally made the first move again to ask us out during her sem break, hahah! Havent seen these lovelies, Jia Deng and Jun Mae since the end of school which is like, last November I think! Mei Yee and Alyssa were out with us too but they went for a movie so they didnt get to be in the photos with us. It felt really great to finally get to meet up with them after so long and I already cant wait to see them again soon, hahahah!
pictures above lovely photos taken at the lovely Garden Cafe, Sunway Pyramid! The staff there were so kind to offer to help us take a group photo, teehee! & dont judge ok, I'm going to fix my horrendous hair color & fringe soon! D:

I had left JD waiting for me for almost an hour cos she didnt know the rest were there already, omg I still feel so terrible. D: Had lunch with JD, Alyssa and Mei Yee at this Chinese restaurant before Jun Mae came to join us. We went to Garden Cafe afterwards for tea time cos we wanted to sit down and chat, lol!
pictures above another group shot and my instax mini which I stuck pearls and flowers onto! :D Cant wait to do more to it once I get more materials!

SO the three of us were in Parkson for Laneige and while Jun Mae was inquiring about their skincare range, Jia Deng and I wandered off to look at the luxury perfumes which was right next to the Laneige booth. I was going to pick up one of Versace's Pour Femme when the whole shelf carrying like 7-9 bottles of Versace's came tumbling down and all the perfumes dropped on the floor!!! It made an incredibly loud noise and we hurriedly picked up all the empty boxes of perfumes omg. I had a panic moment there and was SO relieved that they were only empty boxes or else thousands of dollars worth of perfumes could have broken, LOL! Furthermore there were no staff there so JD and I just made a run for it, leaving the retarded shelf to take another fall again sooner or later, hahah!
left picture above is some of the lovely polaroids we took at Garden Cafe too! Below it is a friendship bracelet that we all decided to make and is also Jia Deng's belated 17th birthday present! :D
We had the bracelets made at Vintage 1988 (again) and we heavily invested on the bronze box chain cos we didnt want it to rust or decolourise. Were still laughing at how much we spent on the chain during tea time, lol!
right picture above is Laneige's Snow Crystal lipstick that I bought in Lavender Veil cos everyone said it looked nice on me. JD and I got samples from their skincare range too cos JM bought so many of their products, lol!

The next day I went to Midvalley with my parents and sister! :D Bought quite a lot of clothes too but I am too lazy to get photos, hahah!
picture above is TOPSHOP's Secret Admirer. I've been a big fan of TOPSHOP's makeup for quite a while now and Secret Admirer is supposed to be a little nude + peachy pink color which I really love! However upon application the color looks a bit blue/purple based which is a teeeny bit disappointing! But nonetheless, I still like it! :D
picture below is ZIG's calligraphy pen which I got from Art Friend over at the Gardens for my new love (more about this next time).

& on Sunday I went to a mall in PJ area where they sell antiques and other home decor and collectibles too! :D
picture above is a lovely sign that I got for my room yay! :D Got quite a deal for it cos initially some of the paint of the frame had worn off and I had to retouch it myself, which was no chore either. :>
picture below is a heart-shaped pillow that I got too, hahahahahah. I dont even know why either but it's so cute! ♥

Last of all, you may now find me on Instagram where I'll be sharing more of my photos that I couldnt squeeze here onto my blog, lol! :D Promise more posts soon, bye!

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