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This Time We're Not Giving Up
Wednesday, 24 April 2013, 4:54 pm

Hellohello everyone! SHINee's teaser for Why So Serious? was released the day before yesterday (link) and it really broke my heart (and I'd bet many other fans' too!) to see that Jonghyun, my ultimate bias isnt in the new mv. ): I guess that it's good news that SM is giving Jonghyun time to recover from his car accident, despite all the rumors about SM overworking their artists and all that. But nonetheless, it felt really uncomfortable at the thought that SHINee will be making a come back as 4, but not 5. When I first liked Jonghyun around 3 years ago, I didnt like SHINee as a group, but instead only Jonghyun as a soloist. Then as time passed I started to like Key (because who doesnt love Key!) and then after Lucifer I started to like Taemin and then Onew and then finally SHINee in its entirely. I really wonder how I would have felt if I continued to like Paramore a few years back and had to face 2/5 of them leaving the group hmmmmmz...
But nonetheless, I would still support this comeback because of how amazing Chapter 1 was! Plus the medly sounded so good! (link
Anywayanyway, the reason why I've disappeared for a while is cos I've been devoting all my time learning a bunch of new stuff on photoshop (which has really sucked up all my energy lately)! You can find all my stuff on my Tumblr which has moved to xhighway-unicorn because I really dont know what possessed me to use my previous url. -.-

Today's post is pretty special (yay!) and was heavily requested back when I first moved a few years ago- a room tour!! I'm really obsessed with looking at other people's rooms and stuff so I hope that you guys will enjoy this one! However, I'm only going to be revealing partial of my makeup station today because I'm still revamping the other parts of my room! :> Hahahah I wouldnt even dare to call this a partial room tour, LOL! & the reason why it's only a partial makeup station tour is cos most of my things are separated all over my room and do not have a fixed corner.
picture above is a lovely frame that I bought recently! :D On the right is my Marks & Spencer Rose Talcum Powder and a Victoria's Secret vanilla body mist (both smells absolutely amazing!). The pink egg is actually a Hello Kitty miniature toy from Guardian, lol! :D

picture above starting from the left, at the back is an Anna Sui Rock Me (smells amazing as well!!), in front of it is my MAC primer, lip gloss from Bobbi Brown (which I really do not like at all!), lip and cheek stain from The Body Shop and finally a tiny bottle of Acqua di Gio from Giorgio Armani which just smells like any other luxury perfumes- which is pretty good too! Actually I think that the Acqua di Gio I own is a men's perfume but everyone insisted that it's unisex, and it smells like a women's perfume so hmmmm.....
picture below starting from the L'Occitane (which I just learned, pronounced as Loxxitan!) Sweet Hearts perfume set which was my birthday present from 2 years ago (it's a set of 4 solid perfumes- which melted quite quickly despite my chilly room), Anna Sui's Face Color Accent in 400 and an empty Hello Kitty box that used to contain candy (which ah brings back memories from Secondary 5)! :3 In the next column are some pink ribbon from Daiso that I use to decorate my things, Etude House's Look at My Eyes Jewel in silver and purple (the colors are beautiful!) and a Lucido-L designing pot which is just bleh.

picture above MAC and Dior foundations, lip balms from Maybelline and Lip Ice, MAC's Kinda Sexy and Lovelorn lipsticks (loves!), TOPSHOP's Desert lipstick (love!), Melon Kiss and Strawberry Kiss from Lip Smacker, Rouge Majex from Majolica Majorca (I'm trying my best to like it) and lastly Maybelline's Volum' Express mascara! In front is my Hello Kitty glasses, hehehehe.
picture below Music and Love fragrances from Harujuku Lovers (my first ever perfumes! ) and random mashup of skincare, makeup etc products (LOL!) from Revlon, Etude House, Maybelline etc which I dont really use as often. The box behind my two Harajuku Lovers perfumes is a candy dispenser that I got for my birthday too! ^ㅡ^ The black/pink polka dotted box at the side is where I keep all my hair spray, color etc.
I know it's weird (or is it?) that I like to keep the boxes/packaging that come with most of the products cos I feel like they look more "sleek" and neat, LOL! I could do a product review if you want but I'm planning to do my Favorites posts soon! So until then, bye! ♥

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