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Something About Baby, You and I
Friday, 19 April 2013, 4:44 pm

 It feels like it has been forever and I'm truly sorry for the sudden MIA for two whole weeks! I realized this morning that I've hit a little above 300 followers omgosh can you believe it! When I started blogging in 2007 it never occurred to me that I would even be blogging 6 years later, never mind having any followers at all, LOL! Thank you all for the continuous support and also for constantly coming back for more despite me constantly going hiatus and not updating due to major exams like PMR and even SPM. Omgosh readers who have stayed with me from my lower secondary school years and I'm in my college year already, LOL! From Good Charlotte to Paramore to SHINee, from camera-less to my Sony W130 to my Nikon D3100 etc. Thank you all for reading/following my blog, for looking at my photos, for downloading and using my blogskins (LOL!) and everything that you do! Becoming a blogger kinda just happened for me, and thank God it just happened. I'm really proud to have come this far (although I know that this is nothing compared to other bloggers but who's comparing right, lol!) and I really owe it to the people at Blogskins for inspiring me to learn CSS/html, photoshop and all that other things too! And also my old friend, Christine who taught me the word "candygram", hahah. :D

So in celebration of my blog's hitting 300 followers, please do request any posts/photos or anything at all you want me to do and I'll try my best to do them! Promise a proper post soon, maybe tonight or by the end of next week. Once again, 고마워요/thank you/谢谢/ありがとう to every single one of you!


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