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Rainbow Syrup in Her Heart
Monday, 29 April 2013, 10:54 pm

 Hello and hello! So I finally got my new phone yesterday and I'm so excited to finally get to do this post! I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the highlight of it all is that I got the pink one omg!! Most of my close friends would know that I've been hunting for the perfect phone for years now but nothing seemed to impress me more than my old Lollipop phone. I loved my LG Lollipop to death and it's the phone that I've used the longest so far (I bought it when I was in Sec 2- about 4 years ago!). My Lollipop phone is really precious and I still believe that it's a lot of girls' dream phone, hahah! My old classmate from my language school offered to trade her Galaxy S3 for my Lollipop too, but of course I declined. :x

picture above is a pink flip case that came with the phone! The awesome thing about it is that it can also serve as a wallet! Because who needs to carry a wallet with such a big phone right? :> Next to it is the box that the phone came in.
picture below is omg omg my lovely new toy and a very very cute theme!!
Before I decided on the Note 2, I decided that I wanted a Korean phone. Because my Lollipop phone was a Korean phone too and I really loved how detailed everything was, and whenever I got bored of the phone I will just give it a makeover and love it all over again. I cant do that with an iPhone and I've been using Apple for so many years now and was never crazy about it so I never really considered to get one.
When the pink Note 2 was released earlier this month (was it?), I was so happy I felt like it was made for me, LOL!

pictures above the front and back of my pink Note! Really wish that I had taken a photo of the lock screen too cos it's so cute!
However, I wont lie cos I had such a hard time figuring out how things work around this phone! I dont think I would even know how to open the apps page if I hadnt played with other people's Galaxy S3 as often as I did. (I dont think I know anyone that uses Note....)

pictures above more photos of my pink phone and yay you can see the cute icons too! ^ㅡ^ It's not obvious in the photos but I even love how the menu and back button lights look pink, teeeheee!

Ending my post with screenshots of my phone's lockscreen and theme! :D I'm still getting to know how stuff works so I'll keep you guys updated and post whenever I give my phone a makeover, lol! Today's post was supposed to be a haul but then I was too excited to blog about the phone! Hope you guys enjoyed this super lengthy post! :>

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