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I Will Take My Chances
Friday, 5 April 2013, 11:32 pm

Note: I really hope Jonghyunnie will recover from his nose fracture soon. ㅠ ㅠ
Hello and hello! A few days ago I got an offer from Republic Poly for a three-year diploma course for Hotel & Hospitality Management, my first choice among 3 that all applicants had to pick. Although RP is a relatively new polytechnic in Singapore, I was really happy that I received the offer cos I felt really reassured that I still have the chance of furthering my studies overseas despite my poor results. Though I'm pretty sure that my Japanese classes played a big role in boosting my chances too, lol! Well, I have to decide if I'm going to accept or decline the offer really soon already but most probably I'm not going to accept the offer. Because as much as I fantasize and love the idea of studying in a Singapore poly, the fact is that Hotel & Hospitality Management is not the course of my choice (though I am very interested in this field!) but I want to try for law first. It's time to set my priorities straight and I dont know if I'm willing to give up my ultimate career choice just for the luxury of studying within a stone's throw away from the people I love the most. Most of my friends would know that I've been wanting to do law for almost my entire life and I know that it's pretty hard, but I really want to try my best. Unfortunately, the only polytechnic that offers any course related to law whatsoever is Temasek Poly. But it's alright since I've still got plenty of options more to contemplate!
Yes I know that things have been getting pretty serious here on my blog lately (LOL!), but today I'm finally going to share with you a Japanese DIY toy called Whipple that I bought last year from Toys "R" Us! :D

I got one of the bigger sets cos I felt like the pastries in the bigger sets were much cuter than in the smaller ones, LOL! It costed me RM59.90, which is actually pretty expensive! As you can see from the photo above, the box came with 3 small macaroons and 3 larger doughnuts, an instruction manual, two bags of fruits, gems & beads, and a large bag of pink whipple cream! You can use the cream to decorate the pastries any way you want to until your heart's content! :D
There are other sets that contained cakes and pies too but to me this one was the most kawaii! :> A practice sheet came together too but nonetheless, it was really hard for me to squeeze out the perfect cream shape! There are actually many more other techniques but the "swirl" was the easiest and the one I can do best, lol!
picture above the bare, undecorated pastries + the box! :3
picture below the pastries after decorating, which I hope doesnt look too bad, lol! One of the larger doughnuts disappeared cos I gave it to my sister! :D

I did waste a whole lot of cream at the beginning cos I kept wiping it away whenever it didnt turn out nice. So after that I was really careful and didnt whip any cream on the top of any of the pastries in case there wasnt enough cream. But surprisingly, I had so much cream left even after decorating the top of most of the pastries so I used the remainder to decorate my other things, LOL! The cream takes about two days to completely harden.
picture above one of my favourites with my phone! :D The shell-shaped cream was really hard to do!
picture below another two on my bag. :3
Would I purchase this again? Hmmmm... The whole set, probably no as it's quite pricey. However they do sell the whipple cream alone which I will definitely get to decorate my other things in the near future! :D

Ending my post with a photo of two Haruki Murakami books which I've recently bought- "Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman" and "Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World". After nearly 4 whole months I think, I've finally finished reading 1Q84 and I'm currently reading Melissa Hill's Something from Tiffany's, which I had bought ages ago but havent read. Recently I've also bought fragrances for my room (yay!) from Lovely Lace and a vanilla scented candle (yay!) from IKEA! I cannot emphasize how amazing the scented candle smells! ♥
'till next time and have a wonderful weekend, dear readers! :D

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