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You'll Be Alright
Friday, 15 March 2013, 10:31 pm

Hi, hi and hi! Yep, after two whole months, I'm finally done with my Japanese classes! We just had our Intermediate 2 exam this afternoon and I got a 92/100 which is alright I guess! :D I was actually expecting much worse cos our oral teacher was so strict & the written exam was quite hard too. Kinda disappointed that I dropped so much compared to my I1 exam but it's still an A and I guess 98% was the highest I can go, LOL! Well, deciding to learn Japanese was pretty much the most spontaneous thing I've ever done in a while. I was so convinced about making 2013 special that I just walked into ICLS one Sunday afternoon and paid the fees for the Beginner 1 course cos it was the only language that had classes starting soon. & yes I'm really glad that I made that spontaneous move! :D
When I was in B1 I didnt even think that I would advance to B2, nevermind the intermediate levels. I took the intensive course which was every weekday for 4 hours. I still remember on the first day of B1, I arrived super early & there was only one girl, Melissa there and I asked her if I can sit with her and we continued to sit with each other for the next 4 levels, LOL!
Somehow felt really reassured when we all said our goodbyes to each other & to the teachers as well and my friends and teachers asked me to study hard in college, lol! It was really great getting to know such helpful and caring people!
It feels a bit weird not having anything to do anymore now. For 2 months I always had my text/notebook by my side no matter what I did cos I had to study a lot. & now I'm back to being so lifeless again, lol!
For those who are interested in taking classes too, you can visit their website (link)! :D They offer Korean, French, German, Spanish and Italian too & they have 3 branches altogether. Dont know about the others but the Japanese teachers are really great & dedicated! A new batch of intensive courses are starting at the end of March, maybe I should take up Korean? LOL!
promise proper posts soon, no more excuses now that I'm done with my classes. So till then!

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