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Wonderful Tonight
Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 9:35 pm

HI EVERYONE! My SPM results are coming out tomorrow so please do wish me luck okay! Wont deny that I'm feeling a teeny bit nervous & excited at the same time. I really dont know what to expect of my results & I have neither high nor low expectations either (lol!) so I guess after nearly 4 whole months we'll be finding out tomorrow!  I dont need 8 or 9 or 10A's, I just hope that I wont feel disappointed when I see my results slip tomorrow. So I'll know when I know, right? LOL! Well, good luck to everyone who will be getting their results tomorrow too!
Anyway anyway, results aside, yesterday was Pyramid with my friend, Sarah who just completed her National Service! :D I started to realize how 3 months literally flew by when all my friends who went for NS were coming back home. Pyramid is getting so boring already & we really need a new place to hang out in our area, but nonetheless, it was a great mini catch up session with the girl! :D Really wish that Teng Yan would have been able to join us though!

We walked from one wing to another and back again but everything was more or less the same the last time when we went to Pyramid together like two months ago, lol! Sarah who "just came out of the jungle" (LOL!) was craving for some doughnuts so we settled in J.CO. She bought us a box of mini's while I bought us an Oreo frappe! The funny thing was when we were deciding on a drink, there were a bunch of fancy coffee terms on the menu that we didnt understand at all, so I forced Sarah to order it, LOL! We sat there and talked about all sorts of stuff & watched a few familiar faces walk pass through the canopy walk to Sunway College. :>
pictures above our Oreo frappe & cute mini doughnuts! :D

We were in J.CO for almost an hour I think then we left for Daiso and got a bunch of random stuff. :x There were also a coupla ex-Seafieldians who were working in Pyramid too. Also I went from Popular to Speedy but still I couldnt find SHINee's Dream Girl album. :"(
picture above another charm bracelet from Vintage 1988 to add to my collection! :D
picture below lip & cheek stain from The Body Shop! Havent tried it yet but I've heard great reviews about it from my peers. :D Review post next time maybe? ;>

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