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Why Couldn't You Cry If You Were Hurt?
Saturday, 2 March 2013, 12:38 am

Hello and hello! :D It has been two whole weeks and I've got so much to blog about! First of all (here we go again!), I just had my Intermediate 1 exam this morning and I fortunately aced it with a 98/100 zomggggggggg can you believe it! :DD My I1 lessons lasted for about 10 days and the syllabus was getting harder & super complicated so I've been hard working enough to revise every single day (officially gotten phobic of not studying and blanking out whenever teacher asked me a question). Well the supposed 3 level course has ended with I1 but there is enough students to start an Intermediate 2 class. The day before my exam I made a deal with myself that I will only advance to I2 IF I can get 95/100 and above for my I1 exam which I actually succeeded to LOL! But I still havent confirmed yet cos I think it's about time I get back to my academics plus the I2 course is so so expensive. :(
At the beginning of the course in B1 there were 17 of us, then towards the end of B1, Su Ping came to join our class! :D The class shrunk massively at the beginning of I1 cos Lawrence and Charlotte etc did not join us but 2 other guys came in. But then for Intermediate 2 only half the class, around 6/7 students are remaining cos everyone is going to uni already sigh. :(

Note: Finally decided to upload a teeeny weeny bit bigger pictures here on my blog now that I have much a wider skin! :B
left picture above my examination paper from this morning, kinda a quarter of my cert, textbook (which we have completed every single page!!) and notebook. :3 Took a sneak peak at the new textbook for I2 and I3 and LOL, the fonts are like half the size now and there are no more romaji and there are kanji words now! :O The writing test consist of 80% of the overall marks while the rest is from our oral test. I lost 1 mark from both sides, the mark lost from the oral test was really bo bian but the other one mark was the most ridiculous careless mistake ever! =.=
right picture above a very cute photo of Jonghyun cos in my previous post I said that I hate his new semi blonde/black hair but now after Dream Girl has been released I love it hahahahah. :D :D

Just made the header at the very top of the post that says Strumming Some Heartstrings cos that's the name of my very first ever successful skin submitted (link), which is most probably what brought most of my readers to my blog. It's such a simple skin and even until now I still dont know why everyone liked that the most among all my other work, lol! Strumming Some Heartstrings was actually a whole book I wrote myself when I was in Sec 1/2 LOL, ridiculous right! For almost 3 years I havent done any special posts besides weekly updates, so here's a post on my Febuary/March music flings! :B

The Edge of Glory - Lady GaGa
Yes, I know people are very prejudice against Lady GaGa, but her music is so so so emotionally palpable. I was pretty neutral about her last time when I only heard her songs like Poker Face, Telephone etc occasionally on the radio. But her acoustic versions of her own songs are so great, I think they are so underrated compared to the original versions. One night I watched GaGa by Gaultier (it's a documentary) and learned the meaning behind The Edge Of Glory and it's so beautiful I wanted to cry. :") The lyrics from the song, "right on the limb is where we know we both belong tonight" was also what inspired me to make this. I also love Marry the Night (link) but not as much as The Edge of Glory.

떠나지못해(Can't Leave) - SHINee
I dont know if I love this song so much because of my bias for SHINee but I dont think so lor, LOL! The melody sounds so sad and although I am Jonghyun (the one in the middle) biased, Taemin (second from left) really surprised me with how much he has improved from when SHINee just debuted. He sounded so great especially during his high note and Onew & Key sounded perfect as usual. Minho can sing well now and I dont know if there are any Korean boy bands out there (excluding DBSK) who can pull off a performance like this so perfectly- sitting down, no choreography hence no excuse for them to sing terribly. Was pretty upset when I heard Dream Girl because Taemin and Minho got soooo many lines & Taemin also sang most of the focal lines, Jonghyun as the main vocalist was super neglected and I hate it when that happens! But in all factuality, Taemin and Minho had almost no lines to sing at all all the while from their debut until Sherlock last year so maybe it's their turn to take the spotlight now. Taemin and Minho's improvement is like the last piece of the puzzle for SHINee to be the perfect group. But the problem with the song is the rap, which I think is totally unnecessary, lol!
So proud to know that the one and only boy band that I love is one of the best. :")

The Best Deceptions - Dashboard Confessional
Towards the end of 2012 to the beginning of January 2013 when I was under depression I listened to almost nothing but Dashboard Confessional. Every single one of their songs are ridiculously emotional, each in their own way that it's impossible for me to choose one that I like the most. This Bitter Pill is actually the song that I can relate to the most but I cant find it on Youtube (can you believe it) so The Best Deceptions will do. There was a period of time when I didnt even dare to put my iPod on shuffle because I get so scared that a DC song will come up and I want to explode. It's ridiculous how anyone at all can pen down such beautiful words and sing them like their encountering that one incident that they wrote about over and over again. Dashboard Confessional is SO underrated!!

And I guess that's about it! :D Although no video included, my all-time favorites will always be My Heart and Stuck on You, both by Paramore. I used to love them so much during primary school until towards the end of sec 2. I couldnt pull myself together to listen to Paramore during one period of time because they reminded me too much of the person that I was trying to forget (we had the same taste in music), and eventually gave up on them when the members started indirectly bitching about each other after Brand New Eyes. Also because I found my new love SHINee, lol! Only started to listen to their not-so-famous songs again last year when I met a friend who always talked to me about them, lol!

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