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SHINee → 25 icons + 2 banners
Thursday, 28 March 2013, 8:42 pm

SHINee → 25 icons + 2 banners (view more // download)
Well now that I've got so much time on my hands I realize that I kind of miss Blogskins.com when I used to spend hours, if not days working on a new skin for everyone else during the holidays. It used to be all of the great designers' haven until slowly other people started to take over & the quality of the skins there started to deteriorate. Web designing and blogging are actually what got me into the all these artsy stuff because the older designers at Blogskins used to be so talented and inspiring & I was so excited to finally get my own Photoshop 5 years ago because of them!
Although now that I've finally got all the time in the world, I've lost inspirations to code anymore because of some of the new people around who rate others down unfairly so that they can get an SOTD and get more viewers for their blogs. Well, Tumblr and maybe occasionally my blog here too shall be where I will be sharing all my creations, edits and all for now until something better pops up. Have a good weekend, loves!

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