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It's All the Glory that I Bear
Sunday, 24 March 2013, 6:24 pm

 Hello everyone! Wow this is actually my second post in a week & I'm blogging so often now that I'm out of school, hahah! So first things first, my SPM results were finally released last Thursday and I actually did much poorer than I thought I would, lol! But somehow I feel really happy and satisfied about it, and my parents were very relieved too cos they were so worried that I might fail my Malay paper cos I was incredibly sick and queasy during that time. But nonetheless, I managed to get an A for it which made me really happy, hahah!
So yes, now that my results are finally out, it's time for me to really consider what I'm planning to do about college. Just the thought of it really makes me cringe but I do have a certain course in a certain place in mind and I reallyyyyyyy hope that I get accepted! (more about this next time!)
But but moving on! Many would know that the one other thing that made me even more anxious than my own results were- our senior pages! So in my school every Form 5 and Form 6 class gets to purchase as many pages as they want (colored or not) to be printed out in the school's yearbook. My class bought 5 pages and I had the great opportunity to design 4 of them while the first page (the cover) was done by my very talented classmate, Jack!
picture above the first page of my class' senior pages! And no, none of the background, "5Cekap" text and crossword puzzle is a photoshop texture/font. They were actually hand-drawn by Jack, can you believe it! Really glad that we decided to do a cover page at the kinda/sorta last minute cos it really made our class' senior pages stand out. :D :D Though I really wish I had done a better job at adding in our class monitor, assistant monitor and class teacher's photos and added some coloring to them to match the rest of the page, grrrrrrr!

When I went to collect my results, my class teacher somehow vanished so Min-Rui and I hung around school for almost an hour waiting for her to show up. As we sat at the teachers' office, I told Min-Rui that I would burn down the school if our senior pages didnt turn out good cos I heard that some classes' ones were totally screwed up. Then we bumped into Philip who was so kind enough to lend me his yearbook just to look at our senior pages, lol! When I finally saw how perfect (almost) everything turned out, I was so glad it probably felt better than getting 10A's for SPM. :") But of course not that I would know how it feels like to get 10A's... hahah!
pictures above our two individual shots pages, which are also my favorite!

Getting to see how great everything turned out was like the real fruit of our hard work. I didnt enjoy putting the 2 group pages together as much as I did with the invidual pages cos it was so hard trying to squeeze in so many photos! No doubt that there were a bunch of people who were so arrogant, selfish and gave me soooo many problems & yes, it's unfortunate to say that these type of people actually exist in my own class. I didnt enjoy doing some of the pages because these people critized my editing and photography (I also took some of the photos) but they couldnt do anything either when I offered to give them their own page to edit themselves.
But nonetheless, there were also a significant bunch who were truly helpful & supportive, and things would have gotten really ugly if it werent for them!!
pictures above our 4th page, which is our group shots page!

After seeing how good the senior pages & how badly my SPM results turned out (I was in the science stream), it was really proven that I shouldnt do science anymore, lol! Though if I had the opportunity to do the senior pages now they would look much better now that I've learnt so much more! The problem is that En. Yusdin blurred out a coupla our photos and put random words on it cos he said our photos were "obscene". :( I actually had them replaced but noooooooo they just refused to print the replaced ones!
pictures above 5th page, which is also our group shots page! I really really love how all the group photos look so real & casual and everyone looked like a happy bunch! :D
Yes I know this post is super lengthy but I just cant help myself, hahahah!


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