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How Did Your Smile Break?
Friday, 8 March 2013, 12:24 am

Happy International Women's Day, girls!
So yes, I decided to advance to Intermediate 2 for my Japanese and there are 8 of us in class now! I'm really happy about how we're able to voice out our opinions and all in Japanese now & we're no longer limited to the mere few sentences that we only knew just a month ago. So yep classes are very much more interesting now although I am missing a few friends!
Towards the end of B1, I got the great opportunity to meet a friend that led a completely different life than I did. She was from NTU and her name is Su Ping (yep I mentioned her in previous post)! :D She's obviously very academically gifted but she's very humble and always helped me whenever I'm confused during lessons (which is very, very often) and is very patient & concerned whenever one of us is troubled. She also went to one of the JC's that I wanted to go too! :D She knew that I wanted to go JC too but couldnt so she told me bout her JC life which kinda made me feel a little better. Because I'm one of the youngest in class, I get asked very often about what I want to pursue after I get my SPM results. She sincerely encouraged me to pursue what I love the most regardless of all risks that it holds. She told me that there will always be something or someone to pull you down no matter which path you decide to take, and in the end, even if you cant be the best, you can push yourself to be better than you were last time and you will always continue to improve. Which is obviously no lie because every time I browse through my older posts from years back, I realize how far I've come, how much I've learnt and I'm very proud that I did all this myself. When I started web-designing about 5/6 years back, there were no tutorials, Google had no answers and there was no one to help either because that was the time during the "blogging era" and competition was tight. Even my photos, my photoshop manips, they have improved a lot over the years and it makes me so happy!! I guess that's what kept me blogging for so many years, that whenever I look back, I can see myself slowly grow into who I am today. :3
I know this post turned out pretty cheesy but I thought I'd share because I know that there are a lot of people out there who are unsure of themselves too. What my friend told me really enlightened me and I really think that the world needs more positive-minded people like this, LOL! Well unfortunately, Su Ping could not join our I2 class but still, I really hope that I can see her again someday!

pictures above my new I2 & I3 textbook (look at all the Kanji!!), a DIY crayon monogram from one lovely weekend, and a mandala from whenever I get bored (there are hidden drawings of the things I love most, ex. the dinosaur at the bottom right *wink wink).

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