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Turn the Car On and Run
Thursday, 14 February 2013, 6:41 pm

Yes yes I am still alive! :D I made the SHINee banner above quite a while ago though I'm not really satisfied with it cos I edited the photo pretty poorly & it's so monotone as a whole, hahah! But I guess it's passable for a first & I'll try harder next time. :b Dont know what seem to have finally possessed me to step out of my comfort zone to try out and learn new things! Being a graphic designer was definitely something I wanted to pursue for quite a while until the fact of my being not good enough finally hit me during "the senior pages days" (yes I am finally admitting this). It's very emotionally draining when creativity stops calling & you're left with nothing. Maybe not as a career, but I definitely wont stop taking design as a hobby instead. :D I've honestly never made so much progress in such a short period of time before & yes, it's making me very happy! :>

On another note, I'm finally done with my two beginner levels of my Japanese classes! :D My Intermediate 1 begins on the 19th of Feb & I'm pretty bumped about how the class is slowly shrinking. ): It's very, very exhausting but I'll try my best to go as far as I can while I still get the chance to before college and all that starts.
left picture above my new mini whiteboard from Daiso! :D I did the line zentangle art one night when I couldnt sleep & I know it looks terrible hahahah I'm terrible at drawing so again, I will try harder next time lol. But doing art on a whiteboard probably wasnt such a great idea cos I would accidentally erase some of it off whenever I need to write something down. Forever getting super jealous whenever I see people who can do great art. ♥_____♥
right picture above my B2 exam paper, which I scored 91/100 for! ^____^ Was so so happy about my results that I immediately texted all my classmates who werent there that day, hahahah! I honestly didnt know what to expect cos my oral test was horrid. I couldnt get a single question right without teacher correcting me & many times I couldnt get where my mistake was. Checked my paper again to find that I made so many careless mistakes & could have done much better, but I guess it's alright. :D

pictures above a birthday celebration one evening at Chili's. :D
Promise my CNY trip post soon! ♥


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