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The Misconceptions of You
Sunday, 17 February 2013, 10:54 pm

Jonghyun's teaser image for SHINee's comeback next week! ♥
Note: I really want to see how Jonghyun's current semi-blonde/black hair looks like now!! ㅠ ㅠ
One evening I decided it was finally time for me to break free from the "solitude" I had confined myself within for almost a month. I avoided contact with most of the Seafieldians & never attended any of the get-togethers I was invited to for weeks and finally on a lovely Wednesday, I contacted every 3Kian I had on my phone for a date yesterday. :D
Most were still away for CNY so we had to make do with a very small number of people. ): Met up with Tze Ken and Khidhir first at Pyramid and soon Wee Ren, Yue Yang, Jack Wann, Alyssa and Mei Yee came to join us. :B
Shopped for a bit with Alyssa and Mei Yee while the guys grabbed lunch at Pizza Hut, then we met up again for snooker and bowling.

When it was getting darker the guys suggested steamboat across Pyramid at Sunway Mentari for dinner so we invited the rest like Guo Zhi, Philip and Su Ann to come join us too, but in the end we settled for Bubba Gump instead LOL! :D It started to rain pretty heavily after we've settled in Bubba Gump so I guess we're lucky we didnt go for steamboat. :B So I was telling the rest about how the staff at Bubba Gump celebrate birthdays so we made an impromptu decision to give Su Ann (who joined us much, much later) a surprise too! :D Hahahah I'd bet that Su Ann was surprised herself cos her birthday was only on the 2nd of March and when the waiters came, she asked "Who's birthday is it?" LOL!
pictures above Wee Ren & Tze Ken at pool, Su Ann with her ice cream that came on the house, a very shocked Su Ann, the midst of the celebration (she was standing on the chair LOL), me with the birthday girl, the onion rings that Tze Ken and I shared for dinner, Mei Yee's dinner. :D

picture above three very, very beautiful polaroids taken that day! :D The Hello Kitty film was a gift from a bunch of my friends for my 17th birthday last year. Also my charm bracelets (the brown chain one with the "YEN" and other charms were also a birthday gift from Zheng Yi, Jia Deng and Jun Mae- I dont know if you can see but maybe I'll do a birthday post soon!) and China Glaze's Escaping Reality.
My comparison between China Glaze and OPI: OPI is definitely more acclaimed than China Glaze but to me, I think that China Glaze's nail polishes are more pigmented than OPI's. Both are very easy to apply & dries really quickly. I also realized that China Glaze chips off very much easier & faster than OPI (my OPI has never "chipped" on me), whereas my China Glaze has chipped off after only a few days. China Glaze is about RM10 cheaper than OPI. In the end, I think I prefer OPI only a tweeeeny weenie bit more cos the pigmentation doesnt really matter to me whereas the chipping does a lot. :D

pictures above some of my favourite shots from my recent trip to Kuantan, Pahang and my newly toasted/rusted (whichever you prefer) hair. :D
We made a pretty impromptu trip to the beach when we realized that it had finally stopped raining after so many days. After taking some shots, it started to drizzle and eventually a storm came and we had to leave just when we were starting to have fun. ):
Anywayanyway! Yes yes, I'm blogging about SHINee, which I think is quite rare nowadays if you compare to when I first fell in love with Jonghyun in F3 and all I ever talked about is them, hahahah! Very very excited to finally see their Korean comeback again!! Actually I think Dream Girl will sound kind of a bit like Sherlock which is not really a bad thing either. :B But I really cant stand Jonghyun's blonde/black hair (see on Tumblr) which is equally as bad possibly even worse than his hair during the Lucifer days. ㅠ ㅠ Sigh maybe soon it will grow on me....

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