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We'll be Safe & Sound [edited]
Tuesday, 1 January 2013, 10:47 pm

Happy New Year, everyone! ♥
It's January 2013! :D I feel like I've waited forever to turn 18, and the year has finally come for me, lol! Although I always try not to mention bad thoughts here on my blog, I must admit that 2012 wasnt really a great year for me. Looking back at my New Year's posts for the past coupla years, I've never failed to conclude that it has been a great year without the littlest sense of irony, but I'm not even going to try this year for 2012. I've lost so much in the past year that I didnt even have enough to carry on, that it wasnt even worth for me to want to carry on. When the end of 2012 was nearing, I refused to concede the fact because I didnt feel complete, that I still had wounds to heal that I didnt want to let ruin the new year for me. But time waits for nobody. For almost a year now I've drowned myself in regret and utter bitterness. I constantly reminded myself of every bad thing that I've done because I was afraid that if I didnt think of it even just for a moment, I'd forget & make the same mistakes again. But I'm learning to put all that behind now, to let go and let fate take its course because I'm too tired to continue fighting every single day for what I'd think would change for the better, but end up hurting others and myself too. Because what makes me human is my innate ability to makes mistakes as long as I live. In 2012, I was blessed enough to have been streamed into my new class where I've met people who later made everything fall into place. I've come to realize how far much worse other people have it in order to survive & yet they are always laced with smiles. I'm lucky enough to be far enough from those who matter the most so I couldnt hurt any of them. The facade that I've lived under for the past one year- the classmates who only met me in 2012 would categorize me under the "quiet" label. I realize how different a person I've become, I wouldnt approach any of them unless they approached me first compared to the "previous" me. But despite all that, the "previous" me still and only existed whenever I'm with those who struggled the same path as me like Zheng Yi or Pui Yi and all. Sometimes I feel like I could burst with joy whenever I see them or whenever I'm troubled, just a glance at them is enough. I know that they have great faith in me, and I guess it's about time I forge some in myself too.
It doesnt end there either. Earlier back I made a promise here on my blog that I would make an effort to be better and more dedicated, the promise which I clearly broke with my thoughtless posts throughout 2012. Nevertheless, you guys stayed around & always came back for more. Thank you all so much, every single one of my 287 subscribers and also the anonymous readers. I dont think I would have come this far without your support, lol!
And like every other year, I'm going to summarize everything that has happened in 2012! :D
List #7: Great Things that Happened in 2012:

01. I've moved on from my previous 4Fasih into a new class, 5Cekap and got the opportunity to meet different, great friends like Jack, Felicianna, Kirba etc and also got closer to Min-Rui who was in 3K with me.
02. I participated in Kadet Bomba's perbarisan for the first time ever & it was so fun!! :D :D
03. I became Secretary for the school's English & Drama club along with the other board members Min-Rui, Kirba and Felicianna!
05. Finally pulled myself together after a bajillion years and got my tragus pierced (which fyi still has yet recover until now)!!
06. Attended almost every school event like LCD, Campfire Night, prom and outside-school events like Taylor's OIC Camp and Sunway's English Language Event.
07. Got nominated for best dressed during LCD & I honestly thought I was going to die. =.=
08. I also have remained loving SHINee & KIM JONGHYUN for another whole year, which makes it 3 years already awwww!
09. Learned so much about photoshop, editing & photography and gotten the life changing (literally) opportunity to do my class senior pages. :D
10. Finally PASSED my Add Maths once (LOL!).
11. Had my birthday celebrated with a surprise by my friends in school. & was so happy that even the most unexpected people remembered my birthday, heheh!
12. Left the exam hall in the midst of our Malay paper during SPM to puke but still managed to do all my papers properly. Yes, you may laugh now hahahahah!
& the list goes on and on! :> 2012 was definitely not as eventful as my previous years due to SPM, though I am more than ready to make up for it in 2013, hahahah! I dont know where I'm going this year but I really have a good feeling that 2013 is gonna be great! :D Dont really have a New Year's Resolution yet but I'm planning on getting my forward helix pierced as soon as my tragus heals! :D I heard that it's extremely painful but that's the least of my concern cos people said that the tragus piercing hurts too but I didnt feel a thing, lol! Thought of officially getting inked at first but I'm having my doubts because I dont want it to affect me next time when I'm working. :< One thing's for sure: I'll always keep this blog alive even if I have to go on hiatus every now and then no matter how busy I'll be with school. ;>

Ending my post with my favorite Gayo Daejun performance- SHINee's Sherlock! :D Because it has been years since I shared a video, lololol! Jonghyun's the one in the blue shirt & the blue/purple/white blazer. ;D
Christmas post soon! I promise. :x


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