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The Edge of Glory
Thursday, 24 January 2013, 12:02 am

Hi hi and hi! :D The past week has been a whirlllll and I've officially ceased living since classes begun about a week and a half ago, lol! I just had my Japanese B1 exam this morning & I'm really glad that I did good enough to advance to the next level! :D Tbh I was pretty freaked out about the exam the day before cos my classmates were studying so hard and most of them watched a lot of anime & read a lot of manga while I didnt even know a proper word of Japanese until my classes begun, hahah! I'm so exhausted every day by the time I get home (which is slightly after 5pm) but I cant take a nap cos there's so much homework & I really need to revise a lot or else I wouldnt be able to follow the classes. Even now after I've passed my test I'm still unsure about a lot of things like the particles & I dont even know my hiragana inside out yet, LOL! Our exam is 100% in hiragana with no roman letters. =.= I got an 83/100 for my exam which is considered an A, I'm quite happy with it though I'm sure I did quite poorly in comparison to my classmates (I overheard that someone got 99) cos I thought I wouldnt even pass LOL.
But nonetheless, despite the tiredness I got to meet all sorts of friendly people in my class! :D Some of them are working already while most of them just completed their Pre-U like SAM or CPU. One of them was even from VJC! :D I'm one of the youngest in the group & no doubt there's a big age gap between some of us, lol! Today was our last class of B1 and I dont know who's advancing to the next level but we definitely bonded really well today during lunch at Face to Face. Hahahah we took our time to eat & talk that we lost track of time, when we went back to class the others had already begun/finished on their oral test. :x

The great thing about attending my Jap classes is that I get to learn a lot about college, work and all from all my seniors. :D I was so unprepared on the first day of class & I had to learn the hard way how important paying attention in class + taking down notes are, lol! I guess things wont be the same as secondary school anymore like when we could sleep in or skip classes & still do well in exams. Every hour before our teachers begin on a new topic, they would question us one by one and none of them speak much English so you get the idea, hahah! Considering how I'm so drained everyday after class, I really dont know how I'm going to survive college! O:
right picture above is my textbook, notes and all. :D The photo was taken when we would still write in roman letters but everything is in hiragana now. :<
left picture above is an infinity bracelet kekekeke.

The sad thing is that I had to put all my other plans like learning Y Si Fuera Ella to a halt now that I dont have any time to spare. T.T We got a really long weekend off so I finally have some time to pick up my camera again and type this whole thing out.
pictures above my weekly splurge- green tea frap from Starbucks! :D No I dont drink coffee hahahah. My "Starbucks name" was Kitty because I cant be bothered to tell them my real name which is so hard to pronounce & spell. =.= My Jap teacher wrote my name as "Joanne" in katakana & we use it during classes so yeah I guess that's alright despite the shocking expressions I get when my classmates find out my real name, LOL! When teacher asked me for my name I had to repeat it a bajillion times but she still could not get it right so I told her yeah ok my name is Joanne now. =.=
I'm really glad that I forced myself to take classes although Japanese was not the language of my preference. Still a bit jealous now that the German/French/Korean classes have begun!! But definitely a great experience & a new beginning for the new year right? :D

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