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An Affair in Red Square [Part Two]
Saturday, 12 January 2013, 12:27 am

It has been an incredibly short, but definitely enlightening week for me. :D The week started off with me receiving (and dreaming about it too the night before lol!) an incredibly long email from Yishun JC, when I finally decided to drop my desire of going to JC. The reason why is really complicated and I cannot deny that I'm a teeny-weeny bit disappointed. But only a little bit though, maybe 20% of disappointment and the other 80% of rather relief, hahahah. No doubt that if I had another chance, I would definitely take another shot to get into the better JC's like Nanyang, Temasek and maybe Victoria too which were all initially my top choices. I guess fate decided to clash the J-PACT tests with SPM which made it impossible for me to achieve my JC dream. Of course, if I really want this badly enough I can take a year off and get into JC1 in 2014, but by then I would be 19 and all my schoolmates would only be 17 so yeah, that's pretty much out of the question for me. Well, the good news is that I get to stay with my sister and I get to dye my hair now, lol! My advice to everyone still in secondary school or have just gotten their O Level results yesterday, unless you are strictly self-disciplined, dont choose Poly over JC merely because you're afraid of the pressure or stress, or if you're just blindly following your friends. Decide on what really suits you and dont just take the easy way out. Many of my friends chose to go JC as well and no doubt your years in JC are gonna be good. :D
And as for me, I'm thinking about taking A Levels or Canadian Pre-U in Taylor's. I actually considered taking up Foundation in Law at Inti but my senior, Michelle advised me not to because it's very hard to go overseas from there. But I've got until March to decide so who knows? :D
In the meantime though, my Japanese class officially starts on Monday and I'm super excited! :D I'm taking classes at the Inter-Cultural Language School every weekday from 10am to 3pm. Why Japanese? Tbh I would very much rather Spanish but the Spanish classes are only on weekends & I wanted something to keep me busy during the week, so yeah lol!

SO after all the JC stuff ended I've had plenty of time on my hands! :D I decided to play Jonghyun's version of Y Si Fuera Ella (original by Alejandro Sanz) on the piano and I think I'm making some progress? Hahahah. I havent played the piano for almost 5 years now (I learnt when I was younger) & unfortunately I couldnt find the sheet music for the song so I'm literally writing it by myself lol! I'm only at the first verse so far & it is really a beautiful song! You must listen to it http://youtu.be/hjNlEk85eA0. :> I replay it over and over again everyday hahahah.
left picture above the book that's been keeping me company for the past month, 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. Decided to pick up this 1318-paged book because all my Singaporean-peers were reading it too & it's amazing how later in the book fate makes everything slowly fall into place. & I'm still only in Book 1 after so long hahahah (there are 3 books altogether). Next to 1Q84 is a notebook which my aunt bought for me from Italy & below it is an Issey Miyake bag that came together with a matching perfume that I got too (see below).
right picture above Christmas treats I get every year, lol! ;D Though I bought the Daim chocolate the other day from Tangs when I went to Empire with Sarah (it's super yummy! ♥).

pictures above are a gift box from Guess that I received for Christmas! :D Inside the box there's a purple Guess tee & a full-leather purse.
first picture below are some of the perfumes that I got for Christmas too! The first one is Benefit's Crescent Row Holiday Set, which contains their Laugh with me Leelee, My Place or Yours Gina, Ring my Bella and See & Be Seen Sasha.
second picture below is Issey Miyake's Pleats Please perfume set, which contains a 50ml bottle of the perfume, a bottle of Pleats Please shower cream & 2 bottles of Pleats Please body lotion, a bottle of L'eau d'issey shower cream, a travel bottle of the Pleats Please perfume, a Pleats Please bag and also a red suitcase, hahahah! I know it's a lot but it all came together, lol! ;D
third picture below is a 50ml bottle of Issey Miyake's (again!) L'eau d'issey. ;>

first picture above is Too Faced's Sweet Indulgence pallete I bought for myself from Sephora! :D It contains 16 eye shadow shades, 2 bronzers, 2 blushes, a highlighter and a primer. There's also 3 cards showing you how to use the colors (which I really need hahahah) and also a dual-brush. :> Some of the colors are matte & some of them are shimmer. I bought it for only RM99 from the Sephora at Paradigm Mall! I think the stuff at Sephora are very much cheaper in Malaysia than Singapore because no one buys them, lol!
second picture above a Christmas set of Tic Tacs that my aunt also bought for me from Italy! :D
third picture below is a pair of dockside (I think this is what it's called) shoes from Cotton On I bought for SGD19. :D

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