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A Walking Open Wound [Part One]
Saturday, 5 January 2013, 2:28 am

Hellohello! Was supposed to be done with this post days ago but then there was SHINee and Jonghyun and Taemin hahahah you get the drift. ;> The other kids from my school now my ex-school are starting their college life already in a coupla days but I'm still here hanging around like meh. More than a week ago I've sent in my results, passport, birth cert and all to Yishun JC so I guess we'll see how it goes from there. The new Singapore system required me to take their J-PACT test for me to be eligible to apply for JC but their tests clashed with SPM so yeah, my options are officially narrowed down to Yishun JC. Temasek JC said that they would take me if I apply with my SPM results (which only comes out in March) but that would mean I'll be like, 3 months behind the the other kids. I'm not willing to take that risk & well my results are really crappy either way so no reason for me to enter an elite JC right? LOL! I really dont know if Yishun would take me in considering how terrible my forecast results are, but then again I've always had a pretty strong CCA background throughout sec school so hmmmm. But however things turn out to be, it'll be alright cos there are many other options for me to contemplate (Taylor's College even called me this evening & wanted to offer me a place in their CAL programme) which I'm all looking very forward too! :D
On another note, I'm really glad that most of the ex-Seafieldians are doing Ausmat at Sunway College instead of A Levels in Taylor's (everyone in my sister's batch went for that) cos that's what I'll probably do if I dont get into JC. I'm looking for a new environment, new people I can meet instead of the same faces I've been seeing for the past 10 years? But then again, options are plenty and maybe I will opt for something in Arts? ;>

& I really need to figure out how I'm going to occupy myself during this school-less period of time. I've thought of learning a new language but I cant decide between Japanese, Spanish or Korean. Or maybe take up guitar or piano again? The biggest bummer is that all my close friends are slowly enrolling into National Service one by one and I'm all alone now. :"( At least I got to meet up with them one last time, wish them nothing but the best. The point is that I'm gonna miss them so so much awwww!
pictures above are some of my Christmas decoration shots from Orchard Road while I was away in Singapore! :D Though I honestly feel like the Christmas decos everywhere are deteriorating every year. :<

This year in Singapore, I had the great opportunity to visit the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall! Or they call it, "The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands" hahahah. I've always thought the Marina Bay area was very tourist-y and hence never really gone there before. But tourist or not, you must visit the mall at least once cos it's a super incredibly nice place! No exaggeration there! There was a humongous fountain (3rd picture above) and you can actually take escalators to a higher floor of the building and see the top of the humongous fountain (which looked like a big bowl hahah) and also a great skyline view (5th picture above).
6th picture above is also located on the outskirts of Marina Bay. Super like Nami Island in Korea lor only there were moss and rain instead of snow; palm trees instead of mulberry trees hahahah!
1st & 2nd pictures above are part of the humongous fountain inside the building. One day I will find a boyfriend thick-skinned enough to ride the gondola with me hahahah. (everyone in the mall will be watching & taking shots of you lol!)
4th picture above is a TWG Tea Boutique. Never dined in there before but I always get Christmas presents from there & their tea is really nice! :D

pictures below a lovely store at Orchard Central selling dream catchers and other vintage things. ;>
Please stay tuned for Part 2 okay! :D I didnt expect this post to be so long & it's nearly 3am right now, lolol! Goodnight everyone! I'm off to drown myself in Jonghyun's Y Si Fuera Ella ♥ I want to learn how to play it on the piano!!

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