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The Swiss Army Romance
Wednesday, 12 December 2012, 10:11 pm

ALOHA! :D So I'm finally doing my post about PROM tonight which was held on the 29th of September at the Grand Ballroom at Sunway Hotel! :D Somehow, the thought of doing this post really makes me reflect about my 5 years in Seafield every single time cos it just seems so surreal to me that I've graduated. Plus the fact that now that I'm done with SPM, I'll probably never wear my school uniform again unless I choose to go for F6, which is probably very unlikely LOL.
Well prom was about a week after our trials so it was incredibly rush for most of us to prepare and all. :X But nonetheless, it was a great night & everyone looked so great & gorgeouz, lol! Though I still think that all the guys look the same hahahah but nevermind! ;>
Once again like in Leo Charity Dinner I had my makeup done by MAC but my dress this time is really simple though! To be entirely honest, I wish I had saved all the trouble & had just worn my LCD dress again since I didnt really like my prom dress that much. :<

picture above is my invitation to our prom which was themed Gotham City! :D In front of it (if you can see!) are some of the polaroids that we took that night with my Instax Mini 7S, not with the ancient Polaroid EE100 next to the invitation, LOLOL! Brought my baby Nikon D3100 again with my 50mm lens so you may be able to spot some incredible bokeh in some of the shots (if I didnt cropped them out. :X). & lovely Sarah was so kind to let me put my Instax Mini in her bag! ♥
picture below are my current classmates (from left) Brenda and Xing Yi, and also Zhen Wei too! :D Never really got the chance to get to know Brenda & Xing Yi more although we've been classmates for a year now but Brenda's really friendly and Xing Yi is such a sweet girl, hahahah! ♥
Disclaimer: Excuse the horrendous image quality from here onwards, lol!

pictures above are no doubt some of my favorite shots from the night together with some of the fellow 3Kians! ♥ Unfortunately, Philip couldnt find the rest of them like Jia Deng, Zheng Yi and all so we had to settle for this. ): Oh and the first picture credit goes to Tze Ken!
pictures below together with Wee Ren & Philip, Philip and Zheng Yi! :D Hands down Zheng Yi is gonna be dearly missed after we take our separate paths next year cos we've practically been stuck to each other from the beginning until the end, LOL. Classmates since primary school, 3K for another three years in secondary school and official ponteng buddy for another two years in F4 and F5 after we changed classes. I really think both of us watched each other grow from bad to worse, and finally good towards the beginning of F4. The person who would walk me and Tracy all the way to Summit from school just cos we didnt know the way, the person who would wait for me at the entrance of Sunway Hotel during prom cos I was scared of entering alone (LOL!) and ended up getting shooed away cos I found my table mates (LOL!), the person who would skip classes just to accompany me and the person I would look for after every fight with Pn. Chow throughout F4. SIGH! Of course, Philip and Wee Ren are important too, forever ice breaking whenever things got awkward among us 3Kians. :D

picture above is also one of my favorite shots with Tracy, Jun Mae and Jia Deng!! :D LOL what happened was that Tracy wanted a hugging shot with me and then Jun Mae and Jia Deng popped in too, hahahahah! ♥
pictures below are Jia Deng and Jun Mae, no doubt two of my closest friends throughout secondary school, they are incredibly thoughtful & loving! Jia Deng who has accompanied me almost everywhere like during Taylor's OIC Camp, school's cross-country race, LCD, campfire night and the list really goes on and on, lol! Jun Mae disappears most of the time in school cos she's busy with cheer (LOL!) but she never fails to appear just when I need someone the most! :D
The second shot is with my table mates, Brenda, Zhen Wei and Sarah, who stole my Nikon LOL! Spot my new very very cute lace camera strap?! ^ㅡ^

picture above together with the 4Fians, Sarah, Brandon and Tracy! :D Too bad that Teng Yan wasnt there to join us for the night though. ): I think that the 5 of us really got close really quickly as all of us shared one common interest- food, LOLOL! We really had great experiences & memories together throughout our entire F4 year although we were just strangers when we first got into 4F, like Teng Yan's surprise birthday celebration, Suara Kami concert, Sarah's surprise birthday celebration, Tracy's surprise birthday celebration and all. :D
pictures below with Tracy, Jia Deng and Sarah! :D

pictures above Three very, very, incredibly helpful & supportive classmates during the senior pages days, Rachel, Yvonne and Jack! :D Rachel & Yvonne were in 4F with me last year and I only got to know Jack this year when we all got streamed into 5C. Hahahah they are so sweet!
pictures below Fellow classmate, Andrew, my favorite photo of Sarah and Zhen Wei of the night and a non-so glam pic of Sarah, Jia Deng and I, LOLOL! Though I wish I had taken more photos with the other 5Cians! D:

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