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Hello, December
Tuesday, 4 December 2012, 8:11 pm

Yes, everyone! After 2 whole months of hiatus (and maybe a semi-hiatus for the past whole year? Lol!), I am finally back! :D Well, my last paper, EST just ended this morning and I really cant wait to start blogging about all the great events I didnt get the chance to blog about previously because of SPM! :> A month really flew by so quickly and to me, it doesnt even feel like SPM has even begun. O: The papers were all alright & the point is that however my results turn out to be next year in March, this is probably the best I have ever done before in school. I think I studied more in the past two months than I ever had during F1-F4 combined, lol!
The end of SPM also marks the end of my secondary school life. And I think it's crazy how time flies and how we've all watched each other grow up or rather, grew up together, lol. I'm really glad that I had met the people I did, gotten into the classes I was put in. I realise that all of us have changed so much since we all first met in Form 1 (yes, I am particularly referring to the 3Kians, hahahah!). 5 years has passed already, and yet I can still remember my first day in secondary school.

Although I've only recently met my classmates in 4F and 5C either last year or at the beginning of 2012, I know that I've picked up some really great friends along the way like Sarah and Teng Yan from 4F last year. :D And 5C has to be the friendliest, nicest class I have ever gotten into. Until now I still think we're a really odd bunch but I wouldnt want to be put into any other Form 5 class this year other than my own, hahahah! ♥ 
I dont really know what in the world I was doing during my first 2/5 years of secondary school either. I think I pretty much spent those 2 years truanting & fighting with teachers, LOL! I realize that in Form 4 is the time when you really start to grow up. When you leave your friends that you've been sticking to when everyone separates to go to the stream of their choice. In my case, I'm the only one among my closest friends to go for the science stream. F4 is the time you get to meet different people and for us Seafieldians it's the time you get to meet those who/werent in a Chinese primary school.
picture above is my SPM countdown from previous, previous post & my reference books which I wont be needing anymore. :D

Only towards the end of F5, I started to realize how I had chosen the wrong stream (I was in pure science). Everyone else assumed that being in the science stream was the best and I guess I followed suit as well. Only towards the beginning SPM had I realized how much more interested I am towards the art-stream subjects like econs.
pictures above are some of my favorite shots of the Christmas decos in Midvalley! :D
I'm gonna do my post about prom next! :D & yes, I'm sure you have noticed that after almost 2 years, I have finally changed my blogskin!! :D I made this during my one week break after all my science and math subjects. Just like my previous skin, I fully coded + designed this myself & it's pretty much the same as my previous one, hahahah.
P/S Hover the header for navigations! :D

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