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A Peony for Your Thoughts
Friday, 21 December 2012, 12:22 am

5 more days to Christmas! 
Hellohello! :D It has been a pretty busy week & I'm gladly using this holidays to venture more into coloring, LOL! I've always wanted learn how to edit photos like what we see on Tumblr and We♥It but school and exams were always in the way. & yes I did edit the colors of the SHINee header above myself, teehee! You may catch me on my Tumblr (le-candygram) where I will incessantly upload my edits (mainly of SHINee) & occasionally my own shots too, LOLOL! A lot of people have asked me how I edit my photos to make them seem like there's a pink overlay, but the answer is that I simply dont edit them most of the time & I guess the pink overlay in my photos is the result of my overly pink room? LOL! Though I'll be trying some new techniques from now on! :D
So it's half past midnight now on the 21st of December and I'm doing this post. A lot (emphasis on A LOT) of people on my Facebook & Twitter timeline were talking about how much they love their family, friends, how they wish they could turn back time & change the past and all that because some people believe that the world is going to end today. I really dont know how to respond to that, hahahahah! If someone were to invent a time machine, would you take the chance and change something that you regret you have/havent done in the past? I've done a lot of things that may have hurt myself and also other people too, but I dont think I would go back to the past to change anything or else how will you ever learn from your mistakes?

picture above DIY manicure I did a coupla days ago! :D Here I'm using OPI's I Think in Pink and the ribbon is done with Konad (M3). & yes, those are my real nails, not extensions, lol! This is my first time using OPI cos normally I'd think it's too expensive because of the amount of nail polish I always waste due to my obsession for perfection, hahahah. But it's really smooth, very pigmented & easy to apply and it dries up really fast after you apply so I'd definitely recommend this! :D
Anyway, I've been seriously thinking about opening up a resource section here on my blog or maybe on my Tumblr to share some great photoshop tutorials & some graphics on my own! :D Though I'm not really sure how long I will keep it up & whether I have the time for it when school reopens. :<

So it was Empire & Subang Parade with Sarah on Tuesday! :D Arrived at Subang Parade before 11am and the place was super isolated & most of the staff at the shops were still barely awake, LOL! We had Chili's for lunch and the both of us shared a cajun chicken sandwich & a molten chocolate cake. :9 I guess we ordered on impulse cos we were super hungry at first but then we couldnt finish our food, LOL!
picture above is our molten chocolate cake! :D It's a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and the cake is chocolate filled in the center! There's no photo of our sandwich though! :<
picture below is Sarah and I sitting on Santa's chair attempting to take shots with my Instax and also my Nikon with my kit lens, LOL! Photos didnt really turn out nice, I dont really like my kit lens but my 50mm can be too inconvenient. :(
OH and please pop by and visit my friend, Sarah's blog! :D She and her sister are selling off their pre-loved items, so do check them out! ;D

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