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Dusk and Summer
Monday, 17 September 2012, 1:43 pm

Hihi! My trials just ended on Friday but what took me so long to update is that I have officially ceased living for the past few days because I'm sick, lol! Although trials are over I still have a lot more studying to do 'cos SPM is really nearing! I'll see what I can do to prevent this space from dying so maybe I'll schedule post! :D
So recently everyone is super hyped about the new iPhone 5 but people who are not fans of iPhones like myself, I am more excited about the new iPod Touch, lol! I think that it sucks when you currently own/just gotten an iPhone 4S and a while later a new iPhone is released and yours is like meh already, hahah! Especially for those who own the iPhone 3GS. :\ Right now I am contemplating whether to get the new iTouch for my birthday. A lot of people have asked me many, many times why I never consider getting an iPhone although I am in need to replace my Lollipop. I do not know the answer myself but I guess it simply doesnt appeal to me? Lol & I dont like the idea of soooo many people having the same phone as me. D:

Picture of the day! First of all, excuse the poor image quality, lol! When I first moved into my new house, my ultimate concern was that I must have a cork board 'cos I've wanted one practically my entire life, haha! So I did get one eventually so this is how it looks right now! :D I bought it from IKEA and I actually stuck on the pink ribbon border myself. I typically just stuck any random thing that came across whenever I'm at my study table (cork board is next to my table), lol! There are
  • movie tickets from when I went out with friends 
  • school event tickets (CFN 2012, Leo Charity Dinner/IR 2010 & 2012, band concert 2010, Suara Kami 2011) 
  • flyers/banners I've designed for school
  • a birthday calendar (lol!)
  • price tags from some of my clothes 
  • letters/notes/gifts from friends 
  • my chunkier necklaces, and 
  • a double post-it note for whoever that wants to leave me a note! :D 
The 4 Christmas decos on the top are from a French restaurant I went quite a while ago in SG. The blue ribbon on the left is from Leo Charity Dinner while the green ribbon on the right is a perfume sample of Gucci Flora, lol! My 3Kukuh key is also there and behind it is my set of Hello Kitty magnetic bookmarks (only 2/6 are there due to trials, lol!). :3

This is the inside of my study table where I recently stuck my favorite pictures taken with my trusty old Sony W130. I dont know why I printed them out last time so I thought of displaying them rather than keeping them in my album, lol! You can see my Hello Kitty lamp and paper basket peeking out, haha! These are just random pictures of my things. I also stuck polaroids and more 4R pictures from events with my friends/family on my wall on the other side of my room, but you cant see it until I'm done haha! :3


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