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The Road Less Traveled [edited]
Thursday, 23 August 2012, 4:41 pm

"We must attest to the fact that life was never meant to be easy, and that it is nothing but a battlefield of problems. We can either moan about them or solve them."
So it's 2am and I'm wide awake, freaking out at how quickly the Earth is rotating that I'm too far behind. The responsibilities that life demands of me are piling up but time is running out. August is coming to an end, which marks the beginning of the J-PACT applications this September and I still have yet to pull myself together to tell the world that I have made my decision- to take the road less traveled and go for JC in Singapore rather than just do my A Levels in Taylor's. I guess it doesnt really make sense, why would I choose to give up the comfort of my own home (with my newly revamped room), the experience of college life with the freedom to do anything, my ability to drive around as I please in my own car for a possibly small hostel in Singapore, squeezing in MRTs and buses during peak times, wearing bland school uniforms and the same no-dying-hair-no-nail-polish-no-more-than-one-earring rules that I had to deal with for the past 11 years? In the end, as irrational as it may seem, I am more than willing to give up all of the above at one cost- I get to achieve my dream of going to JC, and I know for sure that this has been something I have wanted for a really long time. But as much as I anticipate it all, I am too afraid of the risks that come with it. I am too afraid of the what if's and the thought that maybe, things might not turn out the way I would like them to.
For years I had always been so sure that no matter what happens, I will go for JC (NYJC to be exact) 'cos I was so sure that nothing would ever mean more to me. It feels like going for JC was something I had to do, something I've waited practically my whole life for and once I've graduated from JC, my life would be complete. But if this is the case, why am I having doubts now that I am only a few steps away from achieving my dream? In the end, I have to learn that for as long as I live, I am bound to lose & get hurt while taking risks in life, and that's a choice I have to make.
I guess it's up to me to forge some optimism and be my own puzzle solver. To view it in a different perspective, the outcome of the decisions we will make in our lives will always remain uncertain unless we give it a shot. Perhaps the 2 years in JC will be the best years of my life? But there is also the possibility that I will completely resent JC for whatever the reason. If the latter were to be realized, I can always return and join the July intake for Taylor's, right? Considering that I would have once been accepted into a Singapore JC, it would be quite irrelevant for a CAL program in Taylor's, Sunway or Inti to reject me right? Lol. I guess no matter what happens, it is up to me to view things differently in case I fail, I will always know that going to JC was once something that I had really wanted and most importantly, I had taken the road less traveled and gained the experiences that comes with it. :D

And here are some shots from my trip to Kuantan, Pahang a coupla weeks ago to cheer up this pretty meaningless post, lol! :D
The mere 2 days I had spent in SG a few days ago had made me finally realize what I really want in life, and it is really up to my own effort to achieve it + a little luck. I promise that my SG post will be up before my next hiatus. Until then, x.
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