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The Best Deceptions [edited]
Thursday, 16 August 2012, 6:46 pm

ALOHA! :D We're on our Raya break now which marks the end of our first trials. The past 4 weeks really flew by as we were all mugging for our exams that I really hadnt realized that it has been a month since my last post already. O: At this rate I'm actually quite disappointed that I failed to keep my promise that I'll be blogging more often this year, sigh! But our second trials starts the week after next so I guess I should be hitting the books this hols!
SO. Life has been great for the past month although I have officially ceased living ever since our trials begun lol! Recently I have been listening a lot to Dashboard Confessional, which is one of the many bands that has been with me ever since I was little. :D Most people would know their song Vindicated which was the soundtrack for Spider Man 2 (acoustic version here!). I think their songs are really meaningful and right now I love Stolen and Remember to Breathe. :D

So if you know me you would know that for almost a year now I have been contemplating on getting my tragus pierced, haha! I fell in love with the piercing ever since I first saw that Key had it when I was in F3. I actually intended to get it last year but a classmate who wanted it as well told me that it was dangerous, and also not to forget all the horrible stories you can read online, lol! To be entirely honest I do not know why I suddenly had the guts to get it either, haha!
SO to all those out there who wants to get their tragus pierced but is too afraid to, let me tell you that it doesnt hurt much (even less than the earlobe I think!), and no, you cant hear your cartilage "crack" during the process lol. :D
picture above is my spankin' new piercing and haha also the bike earring which I recently got from a flea. ;D (must apologize for the messy ponytail lol!)

Another thing is that I have finally gotten my Instax Mini for a great deal @ $190! :D Other shops which I have went to were selling it for at least $250 and some of them even went up to $300! Havent gotten the opportunity to take many shots yet due to my lack of life for the past month, lol!
picture above is my instax and a bunch of pictures we took during Carnival Day before I got my own and I was charged $5 each! D:
picture below is my Hello Kitty quadruplets shower gel, haha! They all came individually and initially I had only bought the bunny for myself. Then a few months later, the other twins came along as gifts, lol! ♥ ♥

And here are some of my favourite shots from Campfire Night! :D

P/S Great news! I did not get picked to go for National Service (NS), hahahah!! ♥ ♥ No 3-month hiatus for me! ;D

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